What is Finance

Humans by their very nature are beings who expect a return, and the majority of their actions are inspired by a motive, a motive for the fulfillment of desires through the obtainment of something of need.

How many types of Finance are there?

– Personal Finance – Corporate Finance – Public Finance – Investment Management – Risk Management – Quantitative Finance

What are some major advantages of Finance?

– The flexibility is greater – The cash flow improves – Existing credit lines are preserved – Reduction of total ownership cost – Enhancement of financial ratio – Cash forecasting is improved – Benefits align with payments – Sales boost

The major concerns with public finance are:

– Entity’s revenue source – Required expenditure identification for a public entity – Process of budgeting – Issuance of sovereign debt or public works projects municipal bonds

Ares of Finance

1.Personal Finance 2.Corporate Finance 3.Public Finance 4.Investment Management 5.Risk Management 6.Quantitative Finance