How To Remove Tattoo


All you need to prepare is a mixture of salt and warm water. Then, keep applying this substance and massage gently on your skin within 30 minutes (at least twice a day). You may see the result of your tattoo fading away after a few times doing this.


The most common way for removing or lightening tattoos is to use lemon. Thanks to the help of the natural acids inside, it can wipe away the ink and promote the regeneration of skin cells simultaneously. Combining lemon juice and salt could end up resulting in an effective outcome!

Homemade tattoo removal cream

Mix a tablespoon aloe vera gel, two vitamin E pills, and a tablespoon Paederia Tomentosa leaf gel in a blender. Once you get the paste, apply it to the tattoo, and leave it there for about 10 minutes. Keep doing this four times a day in a week or more; you may get your desirable upshot!

Aloe Vera and Honey

Creating an exfoliating lotion with aloe vera, honey, and salt is another effective ink removal approach. The procedure begins with equal amounts of these ingredients being mixed, followed by applying the texture to your skin and then massaging it thoroughly for up to 30 minutes.