How to Check Thyroid at Home

How to Check Thyroid at Home

Here are five things you can check at home to identify potential thyroid problems:

Check for Visible Signs

Observe your neck in the mirror and check if there is any swelling or bulge.

Check for Visible Signs

This could be an indication of an enlarged thyroid gland, which is a common symptom of thyroid problems.

Monitor your Heart Rate

Thyroid hormones affect your heart rate. You can measure your pulse rate by placing your fingers on your wrist, below your thumb, or on your neck, below your jawline.

A resting heart rate of over 100 beats per minute or significantly lower than 60 beats per minute may be a symptom of a thyroid problem.

Check for Changes in Weight

Unexplained weight gain or loss can be a sign of a thyroid problem. Try to keep track of any changes in your weight over time.

Monitor Your Energy Levels

Fatigue or exhaustion that isn't relieved by rest can be a sign of an underactive thyroid.

Assess your Hair and Skin

Thyroid problems can affect the texture and condition of your hair and skin. Dry skin, brittle hair, and hair loss may be a symptom of a thyroid problem.

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