Exploding Kittens Card Game

Exploding Kittens Card Game – Ever exploded and died? Strange ,eh? This is a new card game where you randomly draw out a card at your turn if you get an exploding card, you get exploded too and ultimately are out of the game.

Exploding kitten card game is designed by ELAN LEE, MATTHEW INMAN. This game was initially proposed as a kickstarter project, but then it turned out to be a superb play in card game history. The exploding kitten’s first play was recorded on Youtube.



  • All the cards are kept on the deck, and the exploding kitten and defuse card or saved.
  • The deck is then shuffled and each player draws out four cards along with one defuse card.
  • After then, exploding kitten card is reshuffled into the deck in such manner that it is one less in number than the number of playing persons.
  • At last, the remaining defuse cards are put back to the deck.

After the initial distribution of cards, the players are supposed to play as many cards from their hand as they like on their turn before drawing a card. The played cards are put into a discard pile.

The list of cards is as follows:

  • Exploding Kitten: This card eliminates the player who draws it.
  • Defuse: This card helps like a savior as it allows a player that draws an Exploding Kitten card to put the card back in the deck in whatever location they choose. This location is kept secret from other players.
  • Nope: It is used to minimize the effect of the card that was just played except Exploding Kitten and Defuse. This card can be played by any player at any time.
  • Attack: This card ends the player’s turn without letting him draw out the card and allows the next player to enjoy a free turn in a single row.
  • Skip: This card will end your turn without drawing a card.
  • Favor:This card is an advantage card as it forces another player to give the player who played this card a card from their own hand. The player affected by this card chooses which card to give.
  • Shuffle:Then a person shuffles the deck until told to stop by another player. But this card doesn’t give any advantage to the person who shuffles the card as he cannot see any card while shuffling them.
  • See The Future:Advantageous card as it allows the player to see the top 3 cards in the deck. But the player of this card cannot reveal about what cards they saw.

In each deck, there are five types of these cards and four cards of each type. However, when two of each type of card (known as a pair) is played at the same time by a player, that player can take a card from the hand of a player of their choice. The player that plays a pair may not see the cards in the other player’s hand.

Exploding kittens proved as the third biggest Kickstarter campaign of all times.

Author: Pratima Singh