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Video Game Tester : Every individual wishes to work in the field of his own interest. And in the era of 21st century, it can be surely seen and said that there’s a job scope or opportunity for all kinds of work trends. Be it technical or traditional, if a person masters his work field, he has a lot of golden opportunities lined up for him.

But when we are talking about work, how does video games finds its path to this space? Ever thought of playing games at your workplace with your boss not complaining about it? Well, in this article you’ll get to know about one such job where all you’ve to do is to play video games!

Yeah, that’s right. Earning by playing video games sounds so much fun. Video games are liked by all, played by few, but mastered by handful of people.

A person, who is a game tester, is basically a specialized type of software quality assurance engineer. He is also known as a Beta tester, Beta Game tester, Game tester, Video game tester or Game tester.

Well the job of a game tester may be sounding like an easy cupcake task here, but in reality it is no simple marshmallow to swallow. The video game companies hire these people in order to check bugs and infixes of their games before the final launch/release of the game to the public.

The person has to play the levels which are really close to the original version a lot of times in order to check for bugs and proper working. If there’s no proper handling of the unrevealed series of games, the companies can earn a lot of defame too. Therefore, it is very essential for a video game tester to handle his job with responsibility.

Though playing games are the primary job of the person, but this person has to write detailed reports of the initial appearance of a bug, areas of game play and engine function that are affected, and actions taken to re-create the glitch. Game testers are to keep detailed logs of test cases, monitor active issues, and maintain the reporting database.

The person has to work from home, though some opportunities are available to work on-site at a video game production company. Although they have no given set of schedules, but once a game is received they may often have to complete the strict deadlines for various portions of the games.

As the game developers often set an expected release date for their games, so it is obvious that the testers return quality information about the problems as soon as possible.


This job has your side if playing games and moreover, understanding games are your cup of tea. But then there are several other qualities too, that are required for a game tester to possess:

– The person should be good at problem solving skills.
– He must have a methodological approach to computer games.
– He must understand the quality assurance processes.
– He should know how to work under pressure and meet deadlines.
– He must pay strong attention to detail and must be patient to repetitive work.
– He should be persistent.
– The person has to have strong computer literacy skills.

The pay of a game tester depends and varies from companies to experience and proficiency. And therefore any statement regarding the pay would be inappropriate. Whereas the minimum study skills are concerned, it is not important for the person to have higher education, skills but yes, people do earn an advantage if they have a software background.

As interesting as it sounds, as technically it is. The job of a game tester is no easy nut to crack and therefore one must be really sure if he’s planning a career in this field.

Author: Pratima Singh

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