Technology Explained – What is Technology Definition?

Define TechnologyTechnology is a combination of scientific facts, information, and skills that are utilized for Innovation or obtain an object or task.

Technology Advancement

We use technology in our daily life from the stone age to this sci-fi age. And it is growing and improving with everyday.
Tech. Advancement has helped us in every sector of our life, whether it is in the field of: Business, Health, Education, Communication etc.

Its advancement has made our life easier, changed our ways to do things. In short, Improvement in technology is called Technology Advancement.

Few Technology Types

Communication Technology

Being a social creature, we depend on communication and exchange ideas with each other. One of the most important creations of this sector is the “Mobile or Cell Phones”.
Other technologies we use to communicate are: email, fax, Messaging etc.

Construction Technology

It is very much clear from its name that this is the technology we use for construction, it could be a basic construction or complex.

Technology Healthcare

Technology healthcare is a term used for tech. that helps in improving the human life. You read it right, Even health is dependent on it. It helps us in diagnosing, curing and preventing diseases.

Educational Technology

Google Classroom is a great example of educational technology. It can help us in learning, researching and understanding the respective subject by providing easy access to study material.

Food Technology

It has changed many farmers’ lives majorly in developed countries where farmers make the full use of tech. for irrigation and other agricultural purposes. It has helped them in increasing the production at low cost.

Technology Consulting

Technology consulting or consultant could be a person or a group that finds a solution for your problem using tech. and you help run the operation’s in better way even in future.

Technology Roadmap

Technology roadmap is a method to achieve a technical goal using the composition of different technologies. Those technologies could be simple and even complex sometime.

Technology Of The Future

“Tech. is Future” but I would rather say “Future Is Tech.”. Today in the 21st century, we have improved a lot in the field of tech. comparable to 18th-19th century.

Even our scientists and engineers are working on new technologies such as:
Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Automation, Neurohacking, Nanotechnology, Nanomed & lots more …

Conclusion: Technology is making our life simple & better. But also made humans lazy which causes health issues like: Obesity, Heart Attack, Diabetes etc. …
So, Tech. has its positive and negative impacts. It’s for you, how you choose to use technology.

Author: Arun Rathi