Domain Name Explained – What is a Domain Name?

What is a Domain Name? or Domain Name Meaning :

In simple words: Domain Name is a virtual name used for a website. Like my website name is:

It can contain alphabets and numbers. Example s :,,,

How to Buy Domain Name

You can buy a domain name with any of the Domain name registrar. “Godaddy” is among the most trusted registrar online.

It cost may vary from its extensions to extensions and registrar to registrar. You can registration starts from as low as $1 per annum.

Domain Name Extensions

There are 1000’s of extensions available in the market. You can select from them as per your requirement and availability.

Few popular extensions are: .com, .us, .in, .biz, .net & .org .

Which Extension To Select

It totally depends on the type of website you are planning to start.

Most common domain name extension used worldwide is .com .

You can use country code level domain extensions such as:

.us for United States
.in for India
.uk for United Kingdom
.ca for Canada

There are business extensions:
.biz for Business
.net for network
.org for organization

Event or Thing type extensions:
.xxx, .camera, .cafe, .dating, etc…

Each extension is managed by different organizations or government body BUT directly over viewed by Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

Top Level Domain (TLDs)

Top level domain names refer to the most popular domain extensions. They are classified into two categories by ICANN :

Generic Top-Level Domains (gTLD):
Such as: .com, .edu …

Country-Code Top-Level Domains (ccTLD):
Such as: .uk, .us, .ca, .in etc …

WhoIs Domain

” WhoIs Domain ” is a free service offered by many registrar websites to find the owner detail of a domain name.

Make Money with Domain Name
You can also make money from your domain name by using below given methods:

1) Domain Name Parking

Majorly people buy a domain name to start their new website. But, if you have multiple domain names and you are not running a website on them, then you can place the on “Parking” and make some money.

Many Domain registrar offers the “parking” facility where they assign a page for your domain name containing ads, affiliate links, etc. IF visitors, buy stuff or click on ads displayed on your parking page, you get incentive for it.

2) Sell Your Domain

There are many marketplace that allows you to sell your domain name online, such as, , etc. You just need to register with one of those websites and place your domain name for sale on it.

You can sell your domain name at FIX price or else via Auction. And after your domain sold out, they charge you a service fee, which can be up to 10% of the domain sell value. sold for $50,000 on 01-08-2018 in (Private) … sold out for $49,900 on 29-04-2018 on …

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