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Mincemeat Recipe: On Christmas Eve, one usually thinks of something nice and expects to taste something delicious and for this, one needs to make a decisive approach in order to pursue some worthy expectation out of an idea in regard of the same.

Normally, when one starts to think of fulfilling his desire in terms of eatables, so he begins with something of due concern and of appropriate resemblance to his ideas. Therefore, both veggies and non-veggies have their own perspective in light of making a choice for enjoying delicacies on special occasions.

            Today, we bring to you some interesting facts to know that can make your Eve more special and enthusiastic. We are here to lay emphasis on the Mincemeat Recipe that aids in making your special occasions more special and memorable.

Mincemeat is a dish that is liked by many of us and it becomes more lovable when baked with love. The emotions that get induced into the dish, while making it, account for its pure delicacy and its intense nature. The following discussion would reveal the procedure of making and baking mincemeat and the instructions that need to followed therein.

            It is to be noted that Mincemeat need not be made too long before being consumed. It doesn’t raise any kind of requirement to be made months before the time of consumption. Therefore, if made at least 2 weeks before enjoying its taste, it can be easily taken forth then and there. It maintains its best flavor and taste when cooked at the appropriate time.

Moreover, the additional touch of cranberries in mincemeat enhances its flavor and increases its manifold. The container in which mincemeat is to be stored shall also be kept in a hygienic state and cleaned regularly. For this, water can be kept at the bottom of the container and microwaved until bubbles escape from it.

Mincemeat Recipe Ingredients


  1. Approx. 55-60 grams of butter;
  2. Around 240-250 ml of natural apple juice;
  3. 2-3 apples in peeled and grated state;
  4. 90-100 grams of dark raisins;
  5. 90-100 grams of golden raisins;
  6. 75-100 grams of cranberries in dry state;
  7. Approx. 100 grams of dried and chopped dates;
  8. Around 100 grams of chopped red cherries;
  9. Lemon or orange juice;
  10. 140-150 grams of brown sugar;
  11. 80-100 ml of rum;
  12. 80-100 ml of brandy;
  13. 6-8 grams of cinnamon in the ground state;
  14. 3-4 grams of ginger in the ground state;
  15. 3-4 grams of cloves in the ground state;
  16. 3-4 grams of table salt.                                             

Instructions to be followed

            The basic instructions include the fundamental procedure that needs to be followed while making mincemeat. It says that all the above-mentioned ingredients should be put together in a jar in which it needs to be made.

The material should be heated over a medium flame and gradually simmed as the liquid is seen to be evaporating. Therefore, it should be heated for at least 30 minutes for the best outcome.

And then, it should be cooked in 80-100 ml of rum or brandy. Moreover, if mincemeat is kept for a longer period after making it, so regular cooking and heating is required in brandy or rum to maintain its flavor.

In order to preserve the mincemeat, it should be kept in brandy or rum. And by this process, approximately, one litre of mincemeat is prepared.


            The above stated talk about preparing mincemeat and its ingredients is all about the concern for vegetarian mincemeat. It has no part of beef in it. It is basically made with fruits viz. various fruits in their dries and chopped state. Moreover, it has a blend of butter, juice, sugar, rum, brandy, spices, etc.

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PALEO CookBook

And this is also important to note that once mincemeat is prepared well and preserved, it can be used again and again and there remains no requisite of buying it again.

            Now, people would ask that if mincemeat is not made of meat, so why such a name? So the answer to this would say that earlier mincemeat was prepared by the use of eggs and not fruits. But gradually, beef got introduced as a part of its recipe, thereby dropping the use of eggs for its preparation.

Moreover, after that in the recent trends, beef is also not a part of the mincemeat and thus, only the use of fruits, brandy, spices, rum, juice, sugar, etc. is observed for the preparation of mincemeat.

            The place of beef has been taken by butter, which is appreciated by many of the health conscious people. The easiest method of making mincemeat is that of storing all the ingredients, in the form of a mixture, in a jar for a few weeks and then allowing the liquid ingredients to be imbibed by the fruits to ultimately become soft and easily edible.

After that, it is ready to be cooled. On cooling, it attains the perfect form and texture which is worth consuming and regular refrigeration of the same also adds to the enjoyable taste of the same.


            In the ending note, it can be said that mincemeat is nothing more than a pickle if talked in terms of its preparation process. But it is not true to state that it is pickled in for. Neither is it used as a pickle. But only the process of making it is of near resemblance to that of pickle. Hence, to make memories, one needs to build one.

Mincemeat Recipe

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