How to Make Coffee At Home without Machine

How to Make Coffee: A good cup of coffee early morning sets the whole day at alert and active state. It switches the active mode ‘ON’ and resists laziness. But a good and delicious cup of coffee is not a difficult task to be performed. It requires mere attention and hygiene. It also demands proper maintenance of kitchen equipments and flourishing of fresh coffee beans. Without taking much of your valuable time, let me introduce you to the upgraded steps of making a delicious and fresh coffee at home with an ease.

Firstly, let us talk about some of the common methods of making coffee at home. These are as follows:

How to Make Pour Over Coffee
How to Make Pour Over Coffee
  1. Pour-Over method

This is the best method for making delicious coffee. For this,

  • Boil water in kettle;
  • Grind the beans to give them a texture of table salt;
  • Rinse the filter with hot water in a brewer which ensures the removal of papery particles from the filter, if found any;
  • Put the ground coffee over the filter and heat it over hot water at about 195DF to 205DF. Then, remove it from heat and pour water over the ground coffee just to saturate it. Check if the coffee starts dripping down from the filter. Then, stop pouring water.
  • Keep pouring water until coffee takes its form. This usually takes 3-4 minutes.
  • After removing the filter, the coffee is ready to be enjoyed.
How to Make French Press Coffee
How to Make French Press Coffee
  • French-Press method

This is to enjoy European style of coffee with the aid of a French press. For this,

  • Boil water in kettle;
  • Grind the beans to give them a texture of table salt;
  • Put the ground coffee into the French press and heat it in hot water at about 195DF to 205DF. Then, stir it. Check if the coffee has attained its point of separation. Then, separate the ground coffee from the press;
  • Coffee is ready for enjoyment.
How to Make Drip Coffee
How to Make Drip Coffee

  • Drip method

Drip coffee machine is nothing uncommon for morning coffee. It can assist in making around 12 cups of coffee in one go. For this,

  • Grind the beans to give them a texture of table salt;
  • Add the ground coffee to  filter and put it in the drip machine;
  • Pour some water into the machine from its posterior portion and do not pour water over the filter;
  • Switch ‘ON’ the machine;
  •  Switch ‘OFF’ the machine when brewing of coffee is completed with;
  • For safe keeping of the machine, clean it monthly with water and vinegar.

Easy steps to make delicious coffee

Step1. Make Fresh Beans Available

Try to buy quality beans to make delicious coffee. Loose packing carries with itself certain chances of turning the coffee beans rancid as due to reaction with the air, beans lose their oil and remain not at all fit for being enjoyed. Therefore, always try to purchase such coffee which is packed with well-equipped and quality roasters and those packed in vacuum-sealed bags.

Step2. Store Beans in Fresh Conditions

Keeping the beans fresh and in cool and dry place is another important point of concern. Glass containers or ceramic boxes equipped with air-tight closers and seals are recommended to be preferred over any other type of container. Try keeping beans at room temperature and prevent from freezing.

Step3. Grind at Home

Keep a point in mind that as soon as the coffee beans are put into the process of grinding, it begins to lose its quality and therefore, it is recommended to grind the beans with a conscious eye and also resist from storing it for a longer time without consuming. It absorbs moisture from the air, which renders degradation to its quality.

Step4. Use Pure and Good Quality Water

Minerals present in original and natural water are the most essential requirements for making a good coffee. Tap water that contains chlorine is dangerous for the quality of coffee. Therefore, it should be prohibited. Spring water or underground water is the fittest of all.

Step5. Filters should be of Good Quality

In order to get immediate coffee, we usually resort to the induction of cheap filters for making coffee. This proves to be hazardous for health sometimes as the papery particles are not removed easily off them. Try using oxygen-bleached filter paper, if possible and easily available.

Step6. Remain Conscious of the Heat

Temperature plays an important role in rendering flavor to coffee. This is said in light of the fact that coffee is to be heated at about 200DF just for 40-45 seconds. Overheating might cause disruption in its original taste. Coffee is known to decrease in its flavor with time, once brewed.

Step7. Container should be Kept Clean

Be sure that the equipment in which coffee is served is washed properly and is in a clear state. It also adds to the enjoyment of freshly prepared coffee. It enhances taste and aroma of coffee. 

Enjoy Your Delicious Coffee ….

Author: Abhishek Kumar

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