Cloud Slime – How to Make Cloud Slime

2 Ways to make a Cloud Slime

1st: Way to make a Cloud Slime:

Cloud Slime Recipe

1st: Make A White Glue Slime (Make it slightly sticky ) and spread it on the board.

In order to make a White Glue Slime Click => How To Make Glue Slime

2nd: Add snow powder in the white glue slime

3rd: Pour some water on the snow powder placed on the white glue slime

4th: After you pour water you will see something like snow is appearing on the top.

5th: Now mix all three stuffs (white glue slime, snow powder and water) gently.

6th: Best way to mix it is by holding the edges of the glue slime and place all the 4 edges in the center of the slime. and again, press it gently so that it can spread again on the board.

7th: Repeat the 6th steps atleast 7 – 10 times.

8th: Add more snow powder and some water in it again.

9th: Repeat the 6th step again.

Your cloud slime is ready.

Make a Cloud SlimeCloud Slime Tutorial

2nd Method to make a Cloud Slime :

Cloud Slime Recipe :

Cloud Slime Ingredients:

1) Glass Small Bowl
2) Spoon / Mixing stick
3) Shaving foam
4) Food Color
5) Water
6) Snow powder

Procedure To Make A Cloud Slime:

– Take some shaving foam in the bowl.

– Mix it with the help of spoon till it starts looking like a “cream”.

– Add a pinch of food color to “cream” and mix it.

– Add 2 spoons of water.

– Take out the slime and throw the water in it

– Take a new bowl

– Put some Snow powder in it

– Add water in it

– After adding water you will see that the powder will grow like a cloud.

– after 2 mins touch it and it will give you a feeling of snow.

– Now spread the slime you prepared earlier and spread it on a board

– Place the snow powder mixture in the center of the spread slime and mix it (As described in Method 1 step 6th).

– Repeat step 7th to 9th as shared in Method 1st.

Your fluffy cloud slime now is ready.

Make a Cloud Slime – Video Tutorial