Best Boys Hostel near UPES (Petroleum University) in Bidholi, Dehradun

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Best Boys Hostel near UPES – Is your ward or you planning to take admission in Petroleum University, Dehradun. Well if your answer is YES, then congratulations you are a step ahead of others for a successful career/future.

UPES have 2 branches within a 5 kms of radius.

UPESBranches:  Kandoli & Bidholi

UPES Kandoli: Major of the management & commerce-related courses like MBA, BBA, etc., classes take place here.

UPES Bandoli: All Engineering related courses classes are conducted over here.

Collectively they hold the strength of 10,000 – 13,000 students.

After deciding and enrolling for the desired course, the second question that arises in every parent’s mind is about the accommodation for their ward.

Well, there are 100s of hostels available nearby each campus and on the day of enrollment you will find 100’s of agents waiting outside of each campus; to talk to you and ask you to visit their partnered hostel and after you reach their hostel they will show you all the positive aspects of the hostel and won’t let you move out till the time you do not handover some amount to them. You will feel like prey on a spider web.

Funny cum Tragic Real-Life Scenario:

If you coming to Dehradun via Train for taking admission to Petroleum University, after moving about of the railway station 100s of Taxi/Auto drivers will reach you and ask you to pay anywhere between 500/- Rs to 700/- Rs during admission time (in normal or regular days they will charge your between 1500/- Rs to 2000/- Rs ). So, why they charge you less during the top business time.

Again, the same old story, they also have a collaboration with one for multiple hostels. 🙂

They won’t leave you too till the time you do not visit their partnered hostels and actually don’t book one for your ward or yourself.

If, you refuse all his shown option then, at the time of leaving the auto/taxi you will see the face a bitter face of the driver (Definitely not all of them are the same), shouting, threatening and final asking for high auto fair (between 1500/- to 2000/- Rs extra compare to agreed amount).

Moving back to the topic:

Which is the “BEST Boys Hostel near UPES (Petroleum University)”?

So, is I am promoting any specific hostel in this article?

My answer is “NO”. I have visited and still visiting different hostels, meeting their owners or management, and trying to understanding the working concept, and also trying to find out the way they use to cheat with the parents. 😉

I am meeting them by saying that: I am looking for a PG for my brother, who is going to join UPES in 1st year.

Is the “University of Petroleum and Energy Studies” opening their doors for new admissions in Nov.2020?

After, I heard that Petroleum University is planning to open from Nov.2020 (Date Not Specified) for new admission (1st year only). I decided to do some research work in the area to find out the best option for the students.

Parameter of evaluating a hostel?

We have evaluated all the hostels on 6 parameters:

  • Owner
  • Distance from Campus
  • Rooms
  • Food (Very Important)
  • Annual Hostel Fee
  • Security

Advice for Parents:

The above points are very important. I have explained it below how:

  • Owner: If a hostel is directly run by the owner, you can expect a decorum amongst the students as well as staff. Things are better managed as compared to the hostels leased out by the owner to the 3rd party.
  • Distance from Campus: UPES is a costly university and has tight schedules for students. So, if the hostel is far from the campus then the student will have to spend more time traveling and after attending all classes/lectures, will not get proper time to rest. So, your choice of the hostel should be near to the campus.
  • Foods: For me, it is the MOST IMPORTANT factor amongst all.

    You or your kids have to eat 3-4 times a day and if the food is not good then you or they will start skipping the meals or starting eating junk food outside. This way they will start giving on their health, also increase the expenditure.
  • Annual Hostel Fee: Most of the hostels charge between 1,20,000/- Rs to 1,50,000/ Rs per Annum. Which includes WIFI, laundry, transportation, foods, rooms and more. There are few premium Hostels within the zone charges between 1,70,000/- Rs to 2,40,000/- Rs pe annum.
  • Rooms: Rooms should be good and spacious. However, as per the schedule of UPES students usually come to the room only to sleep. And spend some more time in the room only on weekends.
  • Security: Well, I believe the hostel should have security so that the students do not move out of the hostel late at night. Also, it should be a boundary with a high wall as the complete area (Kandoli and Bidholi) is surrounded by dense forest. So, the chance for WILD animals to move into the campus is there.

Let’s get started:

Initially, I am going to talk about one hostel:

Sangam HouseBoys Hostel near Petroleum University

Let’s talk about it on the above parameters:

  1. Owner: Mr. Parmar looks after all the operations that take place in Sangam House himself.

    Mr.Parmar is a retired General Manager from Oberoi Hotel, Delhi with over 35 years of experience in the service industry. And you will feel the touch of his experience at every corner of the Sangam House.

    Moreover, Mr. Parmar lives on the top floor of the campus with his family. So, he is there for you or for your kid 24×7.
  2. Distance: Sangam House is only 1.00 Km away from Petroleum University, Bidholi campus. Still, the transportation facility is provided by the house itself so that the students can attend their classes on time. Both the pick and drop facility is provided by the hostel.
  3. Food: 3-time meal and Evening snacks are served every day. Quality & taste of food and Hygiene in the kitchen is highly maintained. Food is just like as we prepare at our home. Not too spicy nor too oily. Special food is prepared every Sunday as well as on the birthday of a student.
  4. Rooms: Rooms are very spacious and elegantly designed. Each room has 2 beds, 2 study tables with chairs, 2 Almirah, Beds with the box to store extra luggage. Each room has its own personal bathroom. Few rooms are available with AC facility as well. However, AC is not required in this zone.
  5. Security: Hostel is covered with security cameras working 24 x 7. And guards working in shifts. The hostel is secured with high walls around it.
  6. Price: Finally comes the price. Sangam House usually charges between 1,35,00/- Rs to 1,50,000/- per student per Annum.

It combines the peace and quiet of a hill station home with the proximity of a city center.

Sangam House Google Reviews:

Boys Hostel near UPES

Students testimonials on Google:

Boys Hostel near Petroleum University
Boys Hostel in Bidholi

Name: Sangam House – Boys Hostel near UPES (Petroleum University)

Address: 131, Dunga Village, P.O. Bidholi, Dehradun, Uttarakhand 248007

Phone# 07055910124

For Google Map Direction: click-here


My Personal Feedback about other hostels coming soon….