Instagram Testing New Age-Verification Tools

Instagram is exploring new age-verification procedures, starting in the US. The image sharing platform teamed with Yoti, which verifies age online by scanning the face.

Instagram only verifies users’ ages when teens alter their birth dates to be 18 or older. Users can upload ID cards to prove their age.

The corporation is testing two new techniques to verify a user’s age in addition to online ID uploads. AI estimation and social vouching.

In the first technique, social vouching, Instagram would ask three mutual followers to authenticate the user’s age.

Yoti’s machine learning system determines a user’s age based on facial traits when they upload a video selfie to verify their age. Once the age is verified, Meta and Yoti will erase the photo.

In terms of online age and ID verification, Yoti is a well-known player. It calculates a target’s age using a variety of facial cues.

The action comes after Instagram delayed the debut of Instagram Kids last year due to negative feedback and backlash.