Pitbull Dog Names – Pitbull Facts

Pitbull Dog : I love my Pitbull. Sometime “Xena” (My Pitbull Dog Name) get naughty and aggressive. Still, she is a beautiful part of my life. Yesterday, I noticed few things in Xena’s behavior, which were not common.

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Pitbull Facts

So I went online searching the reasons for such behavior.

I found the solution of my concerns online. However, I also came across many misconceptions people have about the pitbull dogs.

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I shortlisted few queries amongst them and drafted in this article below, with the response as per best of my knowledge.

Q#1: Are Pitbull Good Dogs ?

Yes, they are different from other breed of dogs, but they show their loves and affection as any other

Q#2: Where Does Pitbull Live ? Pitbull Origin ?

Well, my pit bull lives anywhere and everywhere she wants to. I mean, on my bed, on my sofa, in any part of my house.

Pitbull Origin : While exploring about pitbulls, I found that pitbulls are majorly the mix breed of bulldogs and terriers.

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Are Pitbull Hypoallergenic ?

Q#3: Are Pitbull Hypoallergenic ?

It is studied that dogs that don’t shed their coat are Hypoallergenic, Where else, Pitbulls are not Hypoallergenic as the shed their hair or coat, usually twice in a year

Q#4: Are Pitbull Aggressive and Dangerous ?

Yes, Pit bulls are slightly aggressive by nature as compared to the other dogs in the market. But, if you take your pitbull to a dog park or park frequently, it will not remain that much aggressive.

Like any other dog, they become dangerous in the presence of any danger for self, for the owner and for protecting puppies.

Q#5: How Long Does a Pitbull Dog Live ?

Pitbull Age: Pitbull usually lives for 8 – 15 years, if given a proper care and medication.

Q#6: How Tall do Pit bulls Get ?

Pitbull How Tall : Pitbulls normally grow between 35 cm – 50 cm.

Q#7: What do Pit Bulls Eat ?

It is recommended that a Pit Bull should be fed with a high-protein and low-grain dog food with meat. Do not feed them with dog food that might contain potatoes, corn or wheat as many dogs are allergic to these ingredients.

Q#8: Types of Pitbull Dogs ?

There are 4 types of Pitbull Dogs available in the market.

Those are:

  • America Bully
  • American Staffordshire Terrier
  • American Pit Bull Terrier
  • Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Q#9: Top Selling Pitbulls ?

Pitbull With blue eyes & Pitbull With blue nose, are the highly demanded among all the other kinds of pit bull dogs.

Top 10 Pitbull Dog Names 2019

Pitbull Dog Names
Pitbull Dog Names

Male Pitbull Names :

  • Archie
  • Buddy
  • Danny
  • Hank
  • Noah

Female Pitbull Names :

  • Jade
  • Mystic
  • Dixie
  • Xena
  • Electra

Please Note: If you find something wrong in the above given responses, please feel free to contact me at: admin@arunrathi.com, and I will edit it accordingly.

Author: Arun Rathi

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