Pets Insurance and Lifeline

Pets Insurance and Lifeline

Pet Insurance and LifelineI didn’t get insurance for myself. Why I should get it for my pet? He is JUST A DOG .. ‘Lifeline’ accounts for a supportive parole that reflects a parental soul and a spirit of caressing towards the affectionate. The aspect of ‘Pet Lifeline’ is a specific approach towards the grant of love, care, maintenance and help to the pets.

Pets InsurancePets are the animals adopted by human beings for the sake of amusement, as a companion or for economic gains. As a lifeline in the palm of man denotes the extent of expected life according to palmistry, similar is the precept for the pets as well.

For the innocent pets, the lifeline is determined by the treatment meted out to them. It is a universal truth that animals too have emotions and try to tune themselves with the inner self of man. The love showered by them is pure and unconditional. Moreover, great legends in the field of psychology also ascertain that pets are a crucial element in controlling the mental and physical health of a person.

To keep a pet at one’s residence in a healthy and suitable atmosphere is not an easy task if scrutinized from the angle of its efficient maintenance. This is to say that pets may not be considered to be as responsible and understanding as human beings. Hence, they shall be nursed in a rationally hygienic manner, constituting both protective and prohibitory actions.

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The actual pets lifeline denotes the magnitude of tutelage supplied to the pet that stimulates it to grow joyfully.

Pets InsuranceTo acknowledge the object of pets lifeline, the scheme of ‘Pet Insurance’ is a remarkable step. As the name suggests, the health and consequently the life of pets is insured under this doctrine. Pet insurance not only affirms the health of a living pet, but also provides for the aftermaths of certain accidents, if unfortunately may happen in this materialistic world.

Pet insurance policy insures the pet with regard to its safety, medical assistance, uncertain biting, disease, arthritis, recessive growth, death, health, hygiene, etc. There are various companies in India and around the globe, non-government organizations, etc. which have implemented the pet insurance policy with appropriate terms and conditions.

Moreover, if emphasis be supplied with the provisions in this respect, to ensure the grant of an insurance certificate to the owner of the pet, an identity proof shall be maintained and if possible, the use of biometric or camera recording shall be promoted. This would help in the recognition of insured pets by the service provider viz. medical institutions, etc. Other benefits of pet insurance may include:

– Control of pet population;
– Preservation of ecological beauty;
– Periodical examination of pet;
– Guarantee of pet care;
– Assurance of fruitful pets lifeline.

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This can be further inferred that pet lifeline and pet insurance are spontaneous and post-spontaneous spices of the world respectively, when comes to the real sense of actually caring for the pets.

Pets Insurance PolicyThe unpredicted biting of the pet to another, improper sanitation facility, providing an appropriate place where the pet can go for its natural call, regular checkup for the vaccination, and other health facilities, etc. constitute a major part under the concept of pet lifeline and pet insurance.

The former reflects the basic requirements of maintenance facilities and the latter denotes safeguards and remedies for uncertain issues affecting the life of the pet. The compensation, medical prescription, diet plan, etc. is to be recommended under the pet insurance scheme.

Let us all join hands to help, protect and love the innocence of nature that is presented to us in creatural form and is not, in any form, prejudiced in spreading the essence of bliss around.

“MOTHER is a LIFELINE, she does the best she can, to nourish her child;
That’s all we can do, the BEST we can; to gain God’s love.

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Author: Abhishek Kumar

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