German Shepherd – 8 Facts About German Shepherds

About German Shepherd:

The German Shepherd dog breed is originally from Germany. They were first discovered in Germany in 1899. Since they are large sized and very obedient dogs, they were used by Shepherd to protect their sheep. And because of their intelligence and strength they got their place in security.

For those who love dogs, German Shepherd is always their first choice. They are loyal and are the perfect guards. They are not too friendly still they do not cause any harm to anyone without any reason.

German Shepherd Life Span: 9 – 13 years

If you are planning to get a German Shepherd for your own then you should take care of below given things:

German Shepherds are amongst the best dog breeds. German Shepherd can be your friends as well as guard.

This is the most preferred breed among the dog lovers and it on rank 2 in terms of popularity among dogs.

– Those people who are adopting dog for the first time, they need to learn “how to take care of a German Shepherd” as it is not an easy job.

– They are friendly at their younger age (German Shepherd Puppies), however, become protected by the time they turn 2.5 years. So, it is necessary to keep them training so that they remain friendly.

– They love to learn. So, if you keep training them, they will enjoy it and it will be beneficial for you as well.

– They need special care, try to mix your dog with near/neighborhood dogs, but make sure not to leave them alone with them.

– Apart from his habits, you need to take care of his diet, get vaccinations done, time to time, take them to walk on a regular basis.

– They can be a best family dog, but you need to understand his mood from its body language.

I hope these points will help you understand your dog well.

Author: Varsha Rana

How to Train a German Shepherd Puppy :

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