Make Money Online – Concept

Make Money Online – Everyone is looking for an established life, for which they prepare themselves mentally and physically from their school days. BUT, Over 90% of them fail by the time they reach the ground level.

Reasons could be:

– Lack of Education

– Lack of Opportunities

– Not getting a good Salary package ( as per there education qualification )

– Many more …

And surely things are going to be worse in future.

make money online at home


What is “Make Money Online:

In simple language, Any method that could help you generate money or earn money working online.


“Make Money Online” success ratio:

Over 1,00,00,000 people come online every year and sadly, only 1% were able to succeed in an online career. But, those 1% get big in their life.

So, those 1%, motivate other 1,00,00,000 people get online 🙂 and try their luck.


Which method to start to “Make Money Online“?

Major of the methods shared online to make money online are DEAD. Big GURU’s or Internet Marketers keep coming up with new projects (basically they are the upgraded or revised version of their old methods).

And stats they share on their website or in their videos are basically a collective result of multiple methods.

No, Internet marketer share the actual mechanism they are using to make money online. If, they do so, they will increase competition for themselves. Which they really don’t want to do.


So, now what to do?

Many times things discover. But, this is not the case with everyone and you can’t wait things to come to you.

So, If you wish to make a career online, then you need to understand your skills – what you are good at?.

If you are good at Excel, you can work as a freelancer and provide data support to companies or
individual looking for such service online or you can make videos showing people different tricks and methods to manage data in excel. Upload them on YouTube and start making money with ads shown on your videos.


Top Methods To Make Money Online :

There are few methods that you can use to make money online:

YouTube:    It is one of the most popular and 100% legit way to make money online. All you need to do it to create a video of an event or of yours describing about something you are good at. Upload it into your YouTube channel and YouTube will display your video to people looking for the same stuff. After you fulfill the YouTube ads requirement, they will start showing ads on your videos.

Freelancer:    You can also work as a freelancer on freelancer, fiverr and on other similar websites. Providing support to people or group looking for your skills.

eCommerce:    You can start selling stuff online. You can use eBay, Amazon etc. to do so. For, thus you need to explore your local market and find out the stuff which is available at cheaper rates than online.

Author: Arun Rathi

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