Make Money Online Without Investment

Creative Ways To Make Money Online

After working for over 10 years in internet marketing, I finally realized that it is not hard to make money online at all. Even it is more simplified than the early days.

Yes, the competition has been increased. So what, new doors are opening.

You can still pocket big. Definitely, it is not going to take place in one day and you also have to some dedication to your work.

Here, I share few best ways to make money online with no or very few investments required.

Make Money Online Without Investment

But, Creativity is Required …

1st Method:

Make Money on YouTube

This is the most lucrative and 100% legit way to make money online. Why, I called is Lucrative? It is because Youtube not only give you the opportunity to make money online, but also turn you into a celebrity.

Simple people like us, became celebrities in no time. They are doing ads, brand endorsement, hosting live shows etc.

Youtubers are generating millions of dollars (Collectively) every month.

So if those people can do it, Why can’t you?

It’s just you need to know the right way to do it. Below given is the step by step procedure you need to follow on YouTube.

1) Create Youtube Account :

YouTube is a Google product. So, you can simply create a YouTube account by accessing via your Gmail account. If you don’t have a Gmail account, then you have to create one.

2) Create A Video :

Now its time to create a video. It can be at an event or on a pre-decided topic. Making it personalized by adding your voice and even yourself would be great.

You don’t need a high end camera to do so. Yes, I know, big YouTubers have their own studios to shoot their videos, but, they all started with small gadgets like cell / mobile phone. Yes, you can use your cell / mobile phone to create a video. Today’s cell / mobile phone are compatible to create a good quality video.

If you wish to start tech channel where you can share online stuffs about websites and particular software then you can use Camtasia to record your PC screen. You will find plenty of links to download Camtasia for free online.

3) Upload Video On Youtube :

After creating a video, you need to upload it on YouTube.
You can do it by repeating the steps given below:

i) Log into your YouTube account.

ii) At YouTube homepage, click on the camera icon on top right side of the website just before your name.

Youtube Account

iii) Click on “Upload Video”.

how to make a lot of money

iv) New page load as given below:

Youtube Videos

v) Browse and select the video to upload from your PC Saved location and click “Open”.

Make money from youtube

vi) YouTube will automatically start uploading your video. Meanwhile, Enter your video Title, Description & Tags in the respective blanks.

Make money using youtube

vii) Soon you click on PUBLISH button it will give you a URL of your video. Save that URL in a notepad.

4) Promote Your YouTube Video :

It is the most crucial part of all process. You made a video, uploaded on YouTube and NOW WHAT? How to get views on it?

We can do it via both paid and free methods. And as promised, we are going to discuss only about FREE Methods To Promote YouTube Videos :

Free Ways To Promote YouTube Videos

i) Promote your videos on:

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit
(They All Are 100% FREE Sources To Use.)

I am sure you are 100% familiar with Facebook. So just go ahead and share your videos with your friends and family members.

Isn’t that simple.

ii) Use of “Tags”. After uploading your video YouTube as you to fill Title, Description & Tags.
Tags are just the keywords related to your video. For example: If you created a video related to the Rock Band Music then your common tags are going to be:
Rock Band, Music, etc.

Got Views, Now What To Do To Start Making Money

First, Go to YouTube Features page using the link given below:

Make money youtube views

In “Monetization” section, click on “Learn More” link.

To proceed further you need to complete YouTube 4 requirements:

i) Accept the term and policies.

ii) Associate your adsense account with your youtube account.

No worries, even if you don’t have an Adsense account. Just use the link and access in Adsense with your Gmail id you used to create the YouTube account.

iii) Select Monetization preference settings:

Means, YouTube is asking you where you wish to show your ads. Just select all the options and submit.

iv) Gets 1000 Subscribers and 4000 Hrs. watch time.

After all the above steps are done, now you have to wait till your YouTube channel gets 1000 Subscribers and 4000 Hrs. watch time.

After the completion of the iv) step, Google team will review your account for Adsense ads.
If they do not deduct any issue with your account they will start showing ads on your video and you start making money with YouTube.

2nd Method:

Make Money Online By Selling Your Photos

You actually can make money by selling photographs online.

If you have a good cell phone or a good camera then you can start it right away.

There are plenty of hungry websites looking for your good quality photographs. You can click pics of natural, your tour and also on a specific product.

Time to time they keep posting a contest with specific requirements (As per the clients). And the winner can make good money out of it.

Top website that you can use to sell your photos online are:

1. Shutterstock
2. Alamy
3. Crestock
4. 500px
5. PhotoShelter
6. TourPhotos

Register on all the above websites and before submitting your work just make sure to read their term and conditions to accept a photograph. So, that your work doesn’t go waste.

Author: Arun Rathi

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