How do I make money with Instagram

How do I make money with Instagram – Instagram is a rapidly growing tool for marketing and is an emerging business platform. With a little creativity, dedication, persistence and few techniques anyone can make money using this platform. You can easily grow and expand your following by posting quality content, using relevant hashtags and regularly engaging with the followers.


Reach and Influence: The growth of your followers is directly proportional to the reach. Most essential way of expanding your reach is posting unique and genuine content. For your Instagram profile to be profitable, you will need to create a minimum base of 3k followers. Take time and gather genuine followers who trust you and who believe you offer something trustworthy and remarkable.

Engaged followers: Your interaction with the audience is way more crucial than the number of people following you. The amount of likes and comments you get from your followers shows how engaged your followers truly are.

If your content is failing to spark a reaction from the followers, having a high number of followers is irrelevant.

Building relationships with other businesses and influencers: By establishing a connection with other successful influencers and using their influence and reach you can boost your profile and shorten the time you need to start earning through your account.

How do I make money with Instagram?

You can make money on Instagram depending on your niche, content, audience and commitment.

Sponsored Posts: This is the most common monetization method for individual influencers. A sponsored post promotes products and services for company that pays you to advertise on your Instagram account.

You can choose from different advertising techniques for each sponsored product like audience targeting and product placements.

Getting a sponsorship means you’re responsible for the photos and videos to promote the brand. To ensure the success of the marketing campaign you need to develop a viable strategy.

Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate Marketing works with product promotion. It is a performance based method where the company provides you with links or promo codes to sell their products and pays you commission.

You can place affiliate links in posts descriptions, coupons or text overlay. Some of the best affiliate programs are ShareASale, Amazon Associates, Rakuten, Skimlinks and CJ Affiliate.

Selling your own products: Instead of selling other people’s products, you can sell your own by building a shoppable feed, posting stories with product links or you can alternatively link the store from your account’s bio by adding the URL link to the page in the bio’s URL section. It can’t either be a digital or a physical product.

How to make money through Instagram
How do you make money with Instagram?

Selling your pictures: You can easily generate high-quality images these days with your smartphones and DSLR cameras. However, selling your photos depends on your skills as a photographer. The better you are, the better offers you’d get.

Be authentic and offer photos that are distinct from the ones already available. You can also use your account to promote your own website.

Promoting your products/services or business: You can also use Instagram to promote your own business or products. This is an effective method of generating income. Using Instagram as a promotion tool for your brand can help you reach bigger audience and generate new clients.

Paid Brand promotions: Companies are always on the lookout for individuals with a good following. Brand Collaboration is a powerful method to generate a recurring income.

You can promote a company’s products, vision, upcoming events and workshops.

Before promoting always check if you are a good match for the collaboration, what does the brand expects from you, compensation you will receive and if/how the brand will affect your audience.

Make sure the brand is not monopolising your account.

Paid Product reviews: You can earn by reviewing newly launched products on your account. It would involve using quality photos, highlighting product’s benefits & suitability and posting catchy stories to attract the traffic.

Be authentic with your reviews, review brands and products related your niche and and be clear about your experience and expectations.

Instagram Marketing Consultant: If you know how to utilise the power of social media and have a thorough knowledge of marketing, you can offer your services to the people who need help to grow their business on Instagram, by becoming a Instagram Marketing Expert.

You can also use platforms like Upwork and Fiverr for freelancing work.

Selling your account: If you have an active following but do not have the time to manage your account, you can sell it entirely in one go.
You can generate high payouts and can get instant gratification without any hassle.

Using Instagram apps: Instagram provides various tools to manage your business. If you are an app developer, you can earn by building tools for Instagram and selling them.

Some of the useful Instagram tools are:

Iconosquare: This tool provides users with statistics about their account like average or total number of likes and comments, most liked posts, growth charts etc.

Piquora: This is a marketing app that suggests and curates photos for you to post based on specific location, geography and language.

Repost: This tool allows you to repost pictures from somebody else’s profile while giving them credit.

Postso: This tool helps you manage and schedule your posts.

Offering paid services: If you have skills and resources and have a strong following, you can offer your expertise as a paid service.

Tips to grow on Instagram

Focus on quality: Quality of the content you post is very important. Make sure the content you post is relevant and help enhance the user’s experience.

Engage with the audience: Posting quality content and photos is not enough. You need to engage with your followers regularly to build a trust factor.

Dedicate some time to your audience. Respond to the comments you get on your posts and answer all their queries. It not only will help you gain new following but will also help you understand your audience better.

Post regularly: Consistency is a key factor. Posting regularly will help you connect with your audience and gain new followers.

Instagram like any other social media platform provides you numerous opportunities to earn provided you are dedicated and serious about it. Instead of jumping out and trying everything, initially, focus on one method and grow gradually.

You can also mobilise the traffic through Instagram and grow your other channels to generate multiple income sources. Reach out, collaborate with other influencer’s and grow together. Be dedicated and persistent. Think like a business person and run it like a professional

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how to earn money with Instagram
How do you make money with Instagram