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Affiliate Marketing Definition
Affiliate Marketing Definition

Affiliate Marketing : The basic fundamental of marketing is the sponsorship attached to it. To further this aspect, the point of affiliate comes into the picture. This is said in light of online marketing that to generate affiliates is a job to enhance and grow once online business. Affiliate marketing denotes a typical aspect of online marketing in which the retailer himself invites some external website to generate an ad of his products in order to attract more traffic and in return of which the external website is paid commission for the same.

Affiliate Marketing Definition :

The primary definition of affiliate marketing basically says that it is a tactic used by the firm owner to facilitate the sale and access of his products by attracting huge traffic via a third party means and for that, compensation-cum-commission is paid to the ad generators viz. external websites. Moreover, to allow greater reflection of the products of one’s own and therefore look for a giant number of subscribers and the buyers of the same is known as affiliate marketing.

How Affiliate Marketing works?

How Affiliate Marketing Works
How Affiliate Marketing Works ?

To know the procedure of getting into affiliate marketing, there are two primary elements that are to be noted. These are as follows:

  • The presence of product creator and the subsequent seller;
  • The prevalence of product advertiser.

To further introduce the actual working of affiliate marketing, there are certain procedural objects that ought to be kept in consideration. These amount to as follows:

  • The Merchant

Merchant basically is a person who creates the product viz. the actual manufacturer of the product and the real owner of his creation. He is a soul working and acting behind the scene of affiliate marketing. Due to his concern, the third person is taken into consideration in order to carry out the objective and purpose of the real merchant.

  • The Affiliate

The affiliate is commonly known as the publishers. Moreover, when a functional unit carries out the operation of distributing or advertising the quality and nature of the product created by the merchant, it is known as the affiliate. The main function of affiliate is to develop a divergent bifurcation from a focal point of single manufacturing and owning unit viz. the merchant.

  • The Consumer

The consumer is the one who buys products online. A part of the payment made by the consumer while purchasing the product is furnished as a commission to the affiliate. With respect to the commission, it shall not be understood that the consumer would be charged more. The commission is generated out of the normal amount paid for a specific product.

  • The Network
Affiliate Marketing Strategy
Affiliate Marketing Strategy

The network here is said to be the inter-relationship that is built among the merchant and the affiliates and further the consumers who buy the products by getting access through the affiliates via their advertisements, publications and distributions. This creates an efficient and the most effective marketing strategy.

Thus, it can be concluded under the procedure to carry out affiliate marketing that once the product has been created by the manufacturer i.e. merchant, the product is subscribed for its distribution, publication and advertisement by the affiliates. Then the products are displayed for the easy access of customers, i.e. consumers and thereby a chain is established among all the members involved in the facilitation selling the product. This is how affiliate marketing works.

Who Regulates Affiliate Marketing?

Like the other businesses, affiliate marketing is also governed and regulated by the rules and regulations enacted by the government. Similar laws govern affiliate marketing as those for other marketing spheres. Two basic laws regulating affiliate marketing are as follows:

  • The Do Not Call Register Act;
  • The Australian Spam Act.

The Acts prohibit sending of undue messages by the affiliates to the consumers without their consent. Prohibition on tapping calls, SMS and other private data from the contact number of the consumer is imposed on the affiliates.

Affiliate Marketing Strategy

Some of the important and beneficial affiliate marketing strategies are as follows:

  • Selection of affiliates should be made in a very accurate and understandable manner;
  • To attract huge traffic and consumers, use of coupons, promotions and deals, etc. should be commenced with;
  • Robust affiliate network also plays an important role in boosting affiliate marketing; so build one;
  • The page on which products are displayed for traffic visit should be optimized for conversations.

Affiliate Marketing Top Sites

Some of the best affiliate marketing sites where bloggers can gain benefit are as mentioned below:

  • Amazon Associates
  • eBay Partners
  • Clickbank
  • StudioPress Affiliate Website
  • MaxBounty Affiliate Network
  • Google Adsense
  • Chitika Publishers Network

Affiliate Marketing Examples

The examples related to affiliate marketing basically reveal the success rate of this, methods of online earning a handsome amount of money just by acting as a publisher, distributor or advertiser for the products of a third party known as the merchant. This shall also be noted that affiliate marketing has resulted in changing the financial status of many affiliates who have worked actively in this domain.

How To Start Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

To earn commission by working for others and promoting their job or product meant to be sold and done marketing with is known as affiliate marketing which is observed nowadays to be the most preferred way of earning by many of us. There are a number of modern commercial and online marketing sites that provide a free platform to carry on the method of affiliate marketing.

These are selected to be dealt with today in the following part of the discussion:

Affiliate Marketing with ebay

e-Bay is an online marketing site acting as an intermediate between the merchant and the customer merely in order to publish, promote and distribute the products generated by the merchant and receive commission for such promoting service. E-Bay has a unique feature of identifying the originality of product source and verifying if the merchant actually exists so that the credibility is not challenged in the future of the authenticity of production management.

Affiliate Marketing with Amazon

Amazon is one of the best affiliate programs that one can get started with. This is because it requires certain approving conditions like that of PAN card no. and one’s own account or website to get linked to. To get started, one receives approval within 3 days of inception. After approval, one can upload one’s products to display it before the traffic and can resultantly generate money out of the same.

Affiliate Marketing with Blogger

Blogger is another organized platform to promote the marketing of products of merchants. The basic purpose of bloggers is to own one’s distribution agency and to have sole right over the same. There are many such blogger sites that can be used for fulfilling the purpose of affiliate marketing.

These are as listed follows:

⦁ ShareASale
⦁ Ebates
⦁ HostGator
⦁ CJ Affiliate
⦁ Ultimate Bundles
⦁ Amazon
⦁ Creative Market
⦁ Beautiful Dawn Designs
⦁ Rakuten Marketing
⦁ VigLink
⦁ Shopify
⦁ ConvertKit
⦁ Shimlinks
⦁ Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

⦁ Affiliate Marketing with Pinterest

This is another unique platform for expressing affiliate marketing element. In this, the Pinterest board acts as a base to welcome as many pins attached to the links for promotion as one wishes to generate. The pins are to be attached to the profile of the affiliate. But to ensure its proper administration, there are few standardized steps laid down to maintain the uniformity at every level of the access.

Firstly, the affiliate shall have to perform the optimization of Pinterest board to display and showcase the products chosen for promotion. Secondly, Pins attached to the affiliate products shall have to be added to the board. Finally, Exposure to the affiliate product pins and links shall have to be increased manifold. This is done in pursuance of generating huge traffic.

⦁ Affiliate Marketing with Instagram

To get started with affiliate marketing on Instagram, let me tell you that it is the easiest way to get into the world of richness online. On Instagram, one can invite the companies to make advertisement of their products and upload the same to attract huge traffic. Followers and the subsequent likes received per post generates income in lakhs annually provided the count of followers fulfills the requirement of Instagram provisions.

⦁ Affiliate Marketing with Shopify

Here, you can enjoy the benefit of getting a percentage share out of the sale of the merchant’s product via your account on Shopify site. Shopify also works to act as an intermediate between merchant and customer to sell merchant’s products and gain percentage share out of the income by the merchant.

⦁ Affiliate Marketing with Youtube

Another simple method for gaining profits is to use the platform of YouTube and to upload video clips to have huge traffic that could watch your content and subscribe your channel that is made through your own personal gmail account on YouTube . Receiving a good number of likes on your web content would result in generation of more income from YouTube.

⦁ Affiliate Marketing with Clickbank

Clickbank is also a very effective tool to profit out good monetary gain out of online medium. This is to say that creating an account on Clickbank and further uploading textual or video-graphed material on the site attracts traffic and from that act, commission is generated weekly. It is your choice to receive weekly income or after two weeks. This is another unique feature of Clickbank.


This is hereby concluded that affiliate marketing has introduced a new and advanced method of earning online. The services provided by the affiliates in relation with the actual owners and sole creators of the products yield good amount of money for them. Thus, at the end, it is advised that once in a lifetime, one should experience the essence of earning online via the means of affiliate marketing.

Therefore, after reading all the above said sources of generating commission by working for some recognized marketing body, it can be inferred that by investing time, income can be made via affiliate programs. In this, to produce money, money is not invested. Rather, to yield money, time is needed to be invested. Input of time and output of money is the moto of affiliate marketing. Patience is required for making the project an efficient success. Hence, show dedication in affiliate marketing world to experience wonders.

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