9 Questions and 11 Phrases that will drive HER Crazy.

Women are used to receiving cringe-worthy and obnoxious questions/phrases from their male counterparts. And the worst part is, oftentimes men don’t even realize that they have said something offensive.

No matter how close you are to her, there are certain unwritten rules you should never break. And honestly, it’s not that difficult.

Questions and Phrases that might make her Crazy.

Pay close attention to the following list to avoid slinging these abominable questions and phrases at her in the future.

Questions You Should Never ASK Her:

“How old are you?”

It is a universal law that you should never ask for a woman’s age. Asking a woman how old she is, is a big NO and it is very rude.


“Is it that time of the month?”

First, how dare you?!. And second even if it is you should not be bothered by it.

Never (ever) use this cliché to justify her emotional reaction or changing moods, unless you want to die of course.


“You are into sports??”

It is the 21st century and yet sports is something that’s still considered “manly”. Why is it so difficult to accept the fact that a woman is into sports? Female athletes are equally capable and respected as the male athletes.

Everybody is entitled to do whatever they like. It is okay for a man to cook and for a woman to represent her country in the Olympics.


“Why can’t you be more like her?”

Comparing a woman to another woman is the worst thing you could do to her. It is very snobbish and can break her confidence. Telling her to change herself and be more like somebody else is the most idiotic thing you could ever do.


“Why aren’t you married yet”?

“Because I don’t want to!”

Marriage doesn’t define a person. Not everybody’s idea of a ‘happily ever after’ includes getting married. People need to take a chill pill and understand that it is completely alright for a woman if she doesn’t want to get married.


“When are you planning to have kids?”

Some women have fertility issues and some decide not to have kids at all. Asking a woman when she is going to have kids is a serious no.


“Why don’t you wear more feminine clothes?”

I’m going to wear whatever I want. Thank you very much for your opinion. You can keep it to yourself!


Have you gained weight?”

Women are very sensitive when it comes to their weight and looks. Criticizing a woman for her weight is off-limits. Pointing out her weight is very patronizing and can affect her confidence.


“What were you thinking?”

Okay, you might not agree with her opinions or actions, but this is not the way to put your point forward. It sounds accusatory and women might get a little defensive in response.


Phrases You Should Never SAY to Her:

“Calm Down.”

There is nothing more condescending for a woman than hearing “calm down” from a man. It’s like adding fuel to a raging fire. These words trigger the opposite reaction of what you are telling her to do.

It is better to leave her alone and let her have a moment with herself rather than poking her with such words.


“You’re crazy.”

Call a woman crazy to her face and unleash a personal hell upon yourself.

Women might be emotional and you might not like their changing moods, but they are not crazy.


“I don’t care”

If a woman asks for your opinion you better give one. Telling her you don’t care is like telling her that you are not as invested in the relationship as she is or worse that you’re not interested at all.


“It’s a guy thing”

You should never tell a woman that she will not understand something because it’s a ‘guy thing’. It’s like her calling her stupid.


“You’re a beauty with a brain”

Men need to understand that being smart and being pretty is not mutually exclusive. It is not okay to assume that a lady is dumb just because she’s pretty. Men need to stop using this phrase right away!


“You’re too smart for a woman.”

“And you’re too stupid for a man”

Assuming that she is not as smart as you just because she’s a woman is arrogant and very imperious.


You are too fat/thin to wear that.”

Women are body shamed very often. making fun of her fashion choices is impolite and impudent. She can wear whatever she likes and whatever she wants. You have absolutely no right to tell her that she should not. If you can’t boost up her confidence, then you should probably stop talking.


“She’s hot.”

There is a very strong chance that she lured you with a “do you think she’s pretty?” but do not fall for the bait. The answer to this question is always no.


“I don’t like your friends”

You might not like her friends, but never say this to her face. It is like a really personal insult.


“You should smile more often.”

Men might think it’s a compliment, but it sounds more like an order. She is not going to do something just to please anybody.


“You can’t”

And last but not the least, never tell a woman she can’t do something just because you couldn’t. She’s going to take it as a challenge and going to show you what she is capable of doing.

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