How To Impress A Celebrity Girl and Date A Celebrity Girl

How To Impress A Celebrity Girl In No Time

How to impress a celebrity girl or a common girl

How to impress a celebrity girl – A lady celebrity always is a woman first and then a celebrity. We often think that it’s beyond our abilities to approach and talk to a celebrity; be it a girl or a boy. But we forget that even a celebrity is a normal human being first. Even they have all the emotions and feelings like we do.

So what if they have million hearts under their rule, thousands of people to get loved and cheered by, yet they wait for one such person who will actually make them feel different, make them feel special. And if you want to know, what all things are required to impress a celebrity girl to rule over her heart; then my dear friend, you’re reading the correct article.

I strongly believe that if a person wishes to approach the celebrity he likes, firstly he should be very confident about the moves he is going to make. Be it the first conversation or the act that will make him noticeable.

For a guy, it is a little tough task to get noticed by the celebrity girls as they have enough admirers around

them. So in such a case, my dear friend, just be less patient and determined in order to get your dream girl.

In today’s arena, there are so many social networking sites where you can approach your lady crush. Be it on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter.., all these apps have made an easy way for the fans to approach their stars.

How To Impress a Celebrity Girl
Selena Gomez

One can start by accurately observing and admiring the pictures of the celebrities that they post. Make sure that you never write any filthy comments or send any vulgar statements to them. This is neither acceptable nor required. Instead, you can start a fan page with your favorite celebrity’s name which will help them earn a little more fame, and maybe, they notice you as their well-wisher, and then you can get a direct message of thanks from them.

Secondly, you can also follow any of their personal blogs or side by businesses, in order to stay updated on their real life. Celebrities really like it when their fans admire and accept their off-screen roles and not just on-screen roles. There are so many stars out there who have their own NGOs, event management companies, blog sites, public help centers funded by them, and if you try to get involved in these spaces, maybe you get your perfect fit in there.

Thirdly, I would also suggest you visit their shoot sites or events or parties where they go. By this, you can get a fair chance to see them in person and talk to them too. Approach them in a courteous way and let them know why they are important in your life. Let them know that you like them not because they are celebrities, but because they have made a change in your life. They have somewhere, somehow influenced you to change for a better reason, in order to become a better person.

There are some serious things that one should always keep in his mind.

How to Impress A Celebrity Girl – 5 Tips

  1. Threatening eMails
  2. Rumors
  3. Find Out The Truth
  4. Commoners
  5. Never Be A Stalker

How To Impress A Celebrity Girl
Swift Taylor


This will make your position worse. Always remember, maybe you get into their eyes by doing such an act, but simultaneously the phrase goes “Not all fame is good fame”.


If they find out your involvement sometime, someday, that’s going to be a disaster.


Not all that is published and broadcasted around is truth. So make sure that what you collect and memorize about them has some essence of reality in it.


How To Impress A Celebrity Girl
Jennifer Lawrence

With the Kind of paparazzi lifestyle they have to deal with, it really impresses them if someone talks to them in a normal tone and type.


Celebrities hate stalkers. They not only get scared and offended but also possibly take legal action against those stalkers.

Throwing a powerful impression upon someone who is not like you, or from your kind of societal status is a little tough job to do. As they are completely unknown of your lifestyle and you in return know a lot about them. So this particular fact puts you under the pressure of how to leave a strong impression on them in order to get a positive reaction from them.

A confident attitude and an Optimistic approach are liked by all. So it is advised here, always (like always) try to be positive and confident while you make your first move in the direction of impressing your celeb girl. Be kind, generous, and polite, she will not demand that, but she is definitely expecting that.

So it’s time for you to go out there, let her know that you have been waiting for so long to get a moment with her. And whenever you will get that, you will make sure that it’s worth all her canceled appointments and meetings.

5 Additional Tips on “How To Impress A Celebrity Girl” Quickly

Get a Makeover –

Getting a makeover benefits you in several ways. Enhance your image by purchasing new clothing and attempting to dress nicely. You should dress appropriately if you want to impress a famous female. Isn’t that so?

Make an attempt to live near celebs-

I am not requesting that you get an apartment in the same building, but you are aware of the procedure. Certain areas of the city are considered upscale, and this is where celebrities congregate.

Locate and visit those sites. You could get a peek of a star you’ve been eyeing. Don’t forget to keep your appearance crisp and well maintained; you may amaze a famous lady with your nice looks!

What to anticipate when meeting a celebrity –

When it comes to meeting a celebrity, it is important to understand that they may be quite difficult to read. Because they are a celebrity, it does not automatically imply that they will behave similarly.

However, there are several things you can do to increase your chances of meeting a celebrity and having the automobile traded for anything else.

Avoid direct eye contact with them, but be aware that they are gazing at you –

Always appear your coolest, even while you are idling in your vehicle.

You want people to take notice of you, but you don’t want to come off as if you are trying to attract their attention.

Relax, smile, and enjoy yourself. They’ll be moved by your enthusiasm and develop an instant affection for you.

Do not take photos –

It is really crucial to remember this. Don’t snap photographs of your automobile swap if you don’t want them to appear on a fan site.

You are under no obligation to inform them that you do not want to have your picture taken.

However, if they inquire as to whether you would want to take one, politely decline. It will make it much simpler for them to obtain the automobile switched as a result of this.

Don’t lose patience

She is a celebrity, and she must have a large number of fans, such as yourself. So please be patient.

Maintain a good attitude and make an effort to be her friend. Send her presents when she reaches a significant milestone, such as receiving an award. The fact that you did this will undoubtedly make her delighted.


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