How to Improve Handwriting in 10 Simple Steps

How to Improve Handwriting: To express one’s thoughts into words, one needs to have efficient command over writing skills to enforce the best representation of abstract contents. Therefore, to generate the ability of designing and framing beautiful sentences or alphabetical collaborations, there is an essential requisite which sits behind to watch one’s attempt of practicing the amelioration of one’s handwriting.

How To Improve Handwriting
How To Improve Handwriting

To corroborate further, the bifurcations in texting one’s handwriting according to one’s competency and convenience provide for the best methods of improving one’s handwriting and strict command over one’s hand practice to represent in a calligraphic form.

Today, we shall discuss certain methods which may help one in ameliorating one’s handwriting skills.

These methods are stated as follows:

Inception by watching videos of calligraphic importance

This is to say that the primary step in making an effort to look for handwriting skills, you must start with watching videos which display appropriate and valuable information with regard to the calligraphic patterns and techniques.

Emphasize upon the form of grip

This is the most required essential for maintaining a controlled and sustainable handwriting pattern. This accounts for holding a comfortable grip over the pen or pencil with which you are trying to write. This enhances creativity and beauty of expression of one’s handwriting.

Maintain a diary

Yes, this is another very important method of improving your handwriting. For this, you need to maintain a daily diary which would contain your ideas and thoughts or your experiences which you had gathered for the whole long day and which you want to remember for the whole of your life. This would help you to consider the practice of writing on a daily basis as your habit and an anxiety-relieving medicine.

Write letters to your friends or family members

The practice of writing an informal letter to a friend or family member or to your own self just out of the sake of amusement can also prove to be a very helpful effort in improving your handwriting skills. This would let you become more conscious of the writing manner in which you would proceed with the letter content.

Usage of good pen

It is of paramount importance that you must use a pen which is of good quality and considerable condition. This would resist you from experiencing unusual interruptions that may act as a serious irritation in writing with fluency. So to prohibit such resistance, you must use a nice pen which enhances fluent writing.

Rotations in paper

This is another basic technique which you may practise in order to improve your handwriting skills. It requires nothing hard, but just a simple and effective approach towards the coordination between the pivotal movement of the paper and your hand. A habitual and sustained grip is maintained via this method. You need to keep the paper in a particular direction and at a specific angle with the horizontal plane on which it rests to facilitate comfortable handwriting.

Start with lined paper

To begin with the experimentation of writing, you must try to practice on the lined paper or sheets, which would let you to understand the linear flow of the words. It would also make the representation of association of words display a better view to the reader.

Stick to your unique pattern of writing

This is to say that you must not consistently change the style of your own adopted writing because it would then never let you maintain a particular pattern. This would further cause distress to you as you would not be able to remember whether the previously written material was your contribution or not.

Maintain proper posture

Maintaining a proper body posture at the time of writing is the most required essential for improving your handwriting. This ensures your state of mind in writing, which is to say that the determination of your activeness or laziness is depicted through your body posture.

Therefore, to enhance and specify that you are voluntarily interested in writing and further improving your handwriting, it must be taken into affirmative account that the best body posture is maintained by you.

Consistent approach

To achieve anything, one must practice consistently. This is to ratify the universal truth viz. “practice makes a man perfect”. Therefore, to gain perfection in your effort to improve handwriting, you must work upon it with a consistent approach.

It requires that you may practise writing whenever you get free time. Instead of wasting your time, you may make it valuable by involving in the learning process. And it is also true that learning has no age. Anyone may learn anything at any age.


Therefore, it shall be concluded in the ending stanza that handwriting depicts your personality and thus, to strengthen your personality, you must strengthen your handwriting which would bring respect to your identity at last.

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Author: Abhishek Kumar
Editor: Arun Rathi

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