Athleisure – It’s A Latest Fashion Trend


Ever wore work wear to the gym? But must have gone to your office wearing yoga pants and a t-shirt with a formal coat and sneakers.

Athleisure – a fashion trend that is now highly recognized and adopted by both western and Indian cultured people, is actually a mix – match combination of wearing sportswear to multiple occasions like offices, colleges, casual outings, etc. This trend is high in demand due to its comfort level and easiness.

Athleisure – It’s A Latest Fashion Trend

Athleisure Trends
Athleisure Trends

Ever seen anyone wearing a work wears with a different style at a party. Or draped an Indian attire to a rock club. There are a lot of times when people do a little mix and match with their clothing styles to create a new kind of trend or fashion.

Athleisure is one such trend. This is a trending fashion in both western and Indian cultures where people wear clothes designed for athletics purposes in other settings like the workplace, schools, colleges, casual outings etc. Carrying these outfits is now a style signature for most of the youngsters and these attires are not only easy to carry but provide great comfort too.

So here we are to let you know about a different, yet an old kind of fashion trend that is being followed by today’s generation.

Athleisure outfits comprise of yoga pants, tights, sneakers, leggings, sweatshirts, etc. The basic idea behind this clothing trend was to make a wider space for the gym clothing and get these attires out of everyone’s daily wardrobe collection.

Due to improved textile materials, sportswear have become more versatile, comfortable and fashionable and this has given birth to a new fashion industry movement.

Athleisure History:

We can assume that all of this must or could have started by ladies wearing yoga pants to other places than the gym. But then it was also noticed that people started wearing these outfits to any place for multiple occasions without having to change, as it made very convenient for them for not carrying an extra set of clothes.

Let’s say that there was a time when a definite dress code was followed at workplaces, but now a pair of yoga pants and a T-shirt with a jacket is just sufficient to hit the gym right after the office hours get over.

Athleisure is so popular today that right from the market streets to the fashion stores and runways, it can be seen everywhere. Sports wear that was once worn only in gyms is now being carried by youngsters and fitness freaks everywhere.

It is now to be seen that once just being functional wear, sports garments have made their place in stylish wears too. The result of this transformation is the innovations in the textile industry where the materials products for active wears, is it the clothes or shoes, have become more comfortable, breathable, light weighted (of course), waterproof and most importantly, handy.

The choices and demands made by the customers bring in more variety and options to these garments.


Reports in USA Today and The Wall Street Journal describe the Athleisure market as growing, displacing typical workwear styles, and cutting into sales of jeans, with a market size in 2014 as $35 billion, representing an 8% increase from the previous year. According to one estimate, the Athleisure market, including footwear, was $270 billion in 2016 and was estimated to grow by 30% by the year 2020.

The sensational Athleisure trend has led many retailers and famous brands to unveil or swap their own collections in recent years. The market of “running-inspired” sneakers went up to 38% and “casual athletic” styles rose by 20%, NPD noted. where else, the market for performance-geared shoes falls to 7%, while training sneaker sales drop to 15%, according to NPD. In all, total U.S. sneaker market rose 1.99% to $18.6 billion in 2017, according to NPD.

For today’s fashion, now there is a very thin line difference between athletic shoes and casual shoes. And over this blurriness, Brands and Marketers continue to make their wallet heavy.
Flaunting logos, mixing style patterns, setting up a fixed style for sportswear are all examples of Athleisure taking over the fashion industry.

Maybe now it’s a necessity to own at least a pair of yoga pants and crop T-shirts with sneakers or sports shoes ( as one may call it) to stay in trend and fashion updated.

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Author: Pratima Singh