How to Impress A Celebrity Girl On Instagram

How to Impress a Celebrity Girl on Instagram: This can be TRUE and this can Happen to you as well.

How to Impress A Celebrity Girl On Instagram
How to Impress A Celebrity Girl On Instagram

Remember “Celebrities loves their fans or followers“. And even if you checked in the past, there are plenty of celebrities who dated a person from normal background. Even, few celebrities found their better half among us.

In fact, there were not too many ways to contact a celebrity in the past. But, now you have Facebook, Instagram, pInterest, Snapchat etc., on which you can try your luck to get in touch with your crash. As almost every celebrity is there on all of these social media platforms and sharing their every life movement with their followers/fans online.

Today, Here we gonna talk specifically about: How to Impress a Celebrity Girl on Instagram.

Instagram is an awesome platform not only to get connected and share images with your friends, but, it also allows you to sneak peak into your loved celebrity’s life.

There are many celebrities from Hollywood, Bollywood, Business, Politics those have an account on Instagram. And they love to share things with their fans.

How to Impress A Celebrity Girl
How to Impress A Celebrity Girl On Instagram

So, how to get started?

1) Start by creating an Instagram account.

For this, you need to visit to and click on “sign up” link.

2) Details Required:

In order to register/sign up with Instagram you need to fill certain details in the blank which appear after you click on “Sign Up” link.

You required to fill:

Your eMail Address, Your Name, Username & Password.
You can also create an account on Instagram using your Facebook account.

3) Find Your Crush

Now, locate your loved celebrity account using the search box by typing her name in the search box.

4) Follow Her

Now, click on the “FOLLOW” button in order to follow her account and latest posts.


How to Impress A Celebrity Girl

Just following her in not enough. Now its time to get in her notice.
The only way to do this is:

  • Follow her every post
  • Comment on her post

Follow Her Post

It is very important to get connected with her every post. You can do it by liking and sharing her post.

Thinks to keep in mind while Commenting On Her Post

  • No Formalities

She is special and make her feel special but, do not address her with the words like: Mam, Lady etc. Personalize your comment by using her name.

  • One on One Communication

Just treat her like a girl and comment as she is reading it.
More than a comment, it should look more like as “one on one communication” or “like you talk to someone who is sitting in front of you”.

  • Picture That You Like

If you like any pic or work done by her then make sure to appreciate her for that good job.

  • Picture That You Don’t Like

Since, she is a celebrity, she might share some pics on Instagram which you might not like.
BUT, Don’t abuse her in your comment. or Don’t use abusive language.

  • Other People Comments

If someone is abusing her for her share. Please do not encourage the abuser.

You can defend her (although she is a celebrity and she might not need it as many celebs do not bother about such comments), it can clear your way to get into her notice or good books or even you can prefer to keep silent, as abusers can attack your account as well.

Follow the above methods and wait for her response.
If you get lucky, you will get a Instagram Chat from her.

Good Luck !!

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