How To Impress A Boy You Really Like

How to Impress a Boy: To impress a boy can be commonly found as a cup of tea of every girl, provided she uses her sense of humor instead of her body to approach for the same. This implies that girls need to be attractive in their behavior and attitude rather than their superficial beauty to impress a guy.

For this, let us first consider that there exist two kinds of girls. Basically, one who looks attractive to a guy in lieu of his inherited trait in this regard.

The second is the one who tries to look more impressive than attracted to a guy.

How to Impress a Boy

Today, we bring to you some of the simplest ways to impress a boy. These are listed as follows:

How To Impress A Boy
How To Impress A Boy
  • Be Stress-Free

Keep in mind that your internal stress would throw a negative impact upon the guy sitting in front of you. Try to be free from stress as much as possible in order to yield positive and successful results in the test of impressing a guy.

  • Prohibit any Kind of Drama

Rather than exhibiting any sort of drama in front of a guy, begin with the discussion of building a healthy relationship and its signs. Guys turn too serious to the dramatic presentation of girls in common parlance. Therefore, girls must resist from any kind of drama in front of the boys in order to save the conversation with him.

  • Be An Intelligent and Little Intellectual

Intelligence matters a lot while confronting a guy. Always remember that guys love smart girls because it’s a common mentality of guys that girls must possess a good sense of intellect and be smart enough to disperse maximum solutions in case any problem persists in their relationship. Therefore, try to resist any kind of dullness while talking to a guy.

How to Impress a Boy Without Talking to Him.
  • Avoid Overdoing Anything

Try to maintain appropriate in every aspect of your existence at the time of your meeting. Over make-up or over-dressing proves to be fatal in terms of relationship and it also mentally disturbs the guy. Guys usually love to talk to simple and balanced girls. Show-off is a negative element in the field of relationship or communication. It causes hesitation and shyness.

  • His Favorites to be Given Recognition

Girls must keep in the notice the favorite things about a guy. Repeated conversation on the favorites of a guy shows your concern towards him. This generates a feel of togetherness and caring attribute in the interior of a guy which, in turn, brings him closer to a girl and extracts out every bit of hidden information from him.

  • Constant Movement of Your Hair

Hair movement accounts for the best part of being with a guy. Playing with your hair constantly fascinates a guy. While dressing, always try to uncover your neck and let your hair fall freely over and around your neck. This arouses guys and thus, he gets strongly attracted towards you. Well! Over-doing of this might also prove to be disastrous for your relationship. So, maintain a balance while doing the same.

  • Maintain your Originality

Yes! This is another important point of concern to be magnificently worked upon. This is to state that a girl must be confident of herself and not get easily affected by the rude or indecent behavior of a guy. Being fake before boys are another negative attribute that destroys the otherwise healthy relation of both of them. Pretending of something that you do not own or of any quality that you do not actually possess is a serious factor in harming the conversation.

  • Show your Noticing Nature to Him

Just sitting with a dull face and not speaking anything also proves to end up a relationship very shortly. Therefore, it must be ensured that you express yourself in such a way before a guy that he notices your movements and also notices every single bit of yours. To fulfill this condition, you may laugh a little, or crack some good joke or smile with an attractive gesture, etc. You may play a little with your lips or move your eyes in this regard.

  • Be Helpful in every situation

Develop a quality of being helpful in every situation, no matter what. This lets the guy to the affirmation of your helping nature and also he may infer certain more related qualities out of your single piece of conduct.

Therefore, he may think of continuing with you as a life partner, you never know what more he may think of. So, always try to be helpful and be a source of delivering sensible solutions to any problem, if he shares with you. For this, prior exercise is needed.

  • Work upon Your Body Language

Merely focusing on the content of your conversation does not fulfill the purpose. It also requires appropriate gestures and appealing body language. For this, positive body language is demanded to ensure your self-confidence and belief on whatever you speak with your partner. Therefore, try to establish perfect body language in front of him so that he also develops a positive attitude towards you.


In the ending stanza, let me make it very clear that the attitude and response of your boy would always depend upon your conduct and behavior towards him. Hence, work upon yourself in order to impress a guy and it is my assurance to you that you will definitely succeed in your mission.

Ladies! Wish you a very good luck. Go Ahead!

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Author: Abhishek Kumar
Editor: Arun Rathi

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