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Dating a Celebrity

How to Date a Celebrity ?

In our earlier edition, we helped you on how to impress a celebrity girl.

Related to the same post, we are again here to inform you on how it feels to date a celebrity.

How to Date a Celebrity
How to Date a Celebrity

Dating a celebrity maybe sounds like a dream, but in all ethics it is real and it does happen to lots of people.

It is nothing next to impossible for a person to date a celebrity rather, it’s one of a same kind of experience like the one usually feels while a dating a commoner.

Feeling of love never changes. Be it in a relation of two lovers from the same society or belonging to two different worlds.

If you’re dating a celebrity, you’ll definitely have certain pros and cons of it.

Every coin has two sides to it, similarly while you’re dating a celebrity, it will give both an advantageous and non advantageous parts to you.

Having a celebrity boyfriend/girlfriend brings so many good things to your life.

Your normal routine turns into a magazine cover story. Your breakfast routine can be both appreciated or criticized. So it’s actually a little tough job to maintain that essence of love in your relationship while tackling all the headlines and cover stories of your life.

Be it the married life of Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput from Bollywood or Prince Williams and his better half, Kate; both the couples have a person belonging to a completely different world from the other one.

Yet, both of them are known for their unconditional love and never ending romantic stories.

Starting with some of the pros of dating a celebrity, they can be as follows: (please keep it notice that neither am I a celebrity nor dating one)

Firstly, the life will take a 360 turn once you start dating a celebrity. Cameras, photos, journalists and lists of interviews, all of these will be waiting for you as soon you start your relationship.

Secondly, your better half will make sure to leave no stones unturned to put

Date a Celebrity
Date a Celebrity

the stars under your heels. Because he/she lacks in no resources to give you the best.

A new group of people, a new world is waiting to be a part of your life. So be ready for that now.
Their lifestyle will surely enhance and affect your way of living, and I believe that will happen in a good faith. So congratulations mate, a completely new life is waiting for you.

As far as the cons are concerned, here are some to make you a little worried and tensed:

Be ready to face a lot of limelight. And as they say, not all fame is good fame so you’ll be a little disturbed with fake news, 24*7 reporting of your personal life. All you’ve to do here is to keep patience and let the time do the work.

Time management will become tough as it is possible that your partner is not able to make enough time for you due to his/her tight schedules.

With power comes lots of responsibilities, so with your power of being the better half of a famous person, comes your responsibility of maintaining your life in accordance with your partner’s wish. As any wrong done by you can defame or degrade your partner’s name.

And I believe that any relationship, be it with a commoner or with a celebrity, all it takes is mutual trust and understanding to withstand all the struggles and hardships.

And any home which is built on love stands very strong and affirmatively against the odds if it has walls of trust and roof of understanding.

So all the very best from my side, to your new love life.

Author: Pratima Singh

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