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Dating Online The Right Way.

Dating Online: Science and technology have given a lot to modern human civilization. It has brought a tremendous and drastic change in the lifestyle of a common man. Today we are here to talk upon one of the most beneficial approaches of technology that attributes to connect people worldwide and globally.

Yes, we are talking about online telecommunication viz. a medium to connect people on the internet all over the world. To specifically deal with today’s study, it shall be stated hereby that online dating has been into the picture since the advent of the internet.

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The basic and the ultimate purpose and objective of online dating is to build up a prospective relationship between the two. As per the needs of time, today the scenario is of such a nature which demands instant relationships among the young minds. To tackle this problem, online dating comes into picture.

Dating Online Good or Bad ?

It shall be one’s prime concern to know if dating online is good or bad viz. beneficial or harmful. This can be adjudged by keeping certain key points in mind before starting up with online dating:

  • The profile of a person would be manually and intentionally made very appealing, from which it would be difficult for one to judge the subsequent’s personality;
  • People usually appear more attractive and smart on internet than they are in reality;
  • Being deceived while dating online is a normal issue in existence;
  • Otherwise, online dating is the fastest mode of communicating and building up a relationship with any person of one’s choice, if found online;
  • Due to the prevalence of various editing options in today’s technology, a significant level of change can be brought in the superficial beauty of a person which may throw wrong reflection at the viewer’s eyes.
  • Thus, it is stated hereby that dating online is not bad but it becomes bad when proceeded without precautions.

Dating Online Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages of Dating Online

Some of the advantages of online dating are as follows:

  • The humanly attachments on internet get a platform to date at the lowest cost;
  • People connecting online can have a prior talk and can understand each other well before their actual physical meet;
  • It is a quick way process of creating contacts;
  • Mature dating can be practised across the countries, by sitting in one’s own country as well;
  • The online parameters also extend their support by scanning the person’s reports and the whole bio data that is available over his account.

Disadvantages of Dating Online

Some of the conjoint disadvantages of dating online are as follows:

  • One never knows the actual circumstances of the other person in online world;
  • People always die for being looked attractive and beautiful than the reality which brings them ultimately to the end of deception;
  • The drug of being fake in the internet world is gaining heights day by day;
  • Without actually witnessing the person you are dating, in reality, you may not know about his/her proper nature or physic;
  • The excess flirting which acts a dominant factor in creating misunderstandings over the online dating plan is the result of unseen gestures.

Dating Online First Message

Dating Online Messages

Dating Online First Message
Dating Online First Message

To start with a conversation, you need to know certain facts which may help you in effectively approaching the person. These tips are simple and easy to apply:

  • Use some decent words to address the target

This is to say that as one meets any person in the physical world, he usually addresses the subsequent by using the words “hi” or “hello” and adding his/her name to the same. So, why not try the same for online world. Thus, the use of such kind of polite, humble, and efficient words brings a smooth igniting point in the conversation.

  • Comment on the other person’s profile

Commenting on the profile basically indicates that you are more concerned of that person and you are updated with his/her basic information. By commenting on the profile, you indicate your ratification towards your prospectively coming into contact online. Moreover, the bonus comments would bring more attraction of the concerned person towards you.

  • Ask relevant questions

Yes, to proceed further, you need to ask some questions from the other, which may also have close relationship with the contents of profile of that person. This would also make the chat more interesting and would further give sometime to the opposite to think upon the question asked.

  • Be very honest

While online, always try to be honest with your partner. Do not be very strict or aloud but be very kind, true and honest. Tell the other person whatever you think about him/her. After all for this purpose itself, you opt for online dating. So try to share your feelings for the other person with that person truly.

  • Fix a meeting date

The aim of dating online is not just to chat over the fingers but also to set a plan of meeting in person. Gradually with the conclusion of the introduction and basic part of the conversation, try to convince your mate to have a meeting on a specified date and time.

Online Dating is a Waste of Time ?

Relationship Science lays its viewpoint in this regard that online dating is a mere wastage of time because around 75-80% people are found to have not identified correctly and had been deceived over online medium. This is to state further that online platforms do not reveal the exact and the true characteristics and attributes of any person thus, declaring thereby that dating online is wastage of time.

Online Dating Topics of Conversation

There is a specific approach of dealing with the online daters, in the area of selecting the kind of conversation that would be proceeded upon during the chat. These topics can be as follows:

  • Throw compliments on the contents of her profile, the choices she made in her life that are displayed in her profile, etc.;
  • Share your common fields of interest and talk a little on the same for some time. This would help in gathering more knowledge about the concerned common interest and also take some time to continue with the chat;
  • Try to focus on your past events that you experienced during your childhood and look for the same from the other person as well;
  • The essence of humour in the chat ignites the other person’s intellect in a positive direction. This is because every dater wishes for someone who can make him/her laugh.

Dating Online Etiquettes

Simultaneously in its abstract form, the etiquettes shall be recognized while approaching the other person for dating online. Some of the useful and beneficial etiquettes are as follows:

  • Don’t be fake; Be Real to the greatest extent of reality that can be achieved honestly;
  • Whether you agree or disagree to the opinions of the other person never let yourself be judgmental. Instead, Be Neutral;
  • Your consistency across the social media would determine your interest in dating online;
  • Keep formalities out of your reach while fixing a date for meeting;
  • Always try to look for some indifferent common interests between both of you, which would lead towards the building up of strong relationship;
  • Avoid sexting towards the best achievable level;
  • Prohibit the use of your mobile phone while you date or meet for the first time in person;
  • Patience is the most required factor to make an online dating successful;
  • On Facebook, if you get to contact each other, always ask for the permission before using a tag on any post on social media;
  • Enquiry into the matter of knowing the actual personality of the other person can be carried out by involving into a communication with his/her friend.

Dating Online Effects

Some of the negative effects of dating online are as follows:

  • People become very judgmental and choosy; as soon as they come across any photo which is not of appropriate quality, they switch on to the attribute of ‘rejection’;
  • One faces fluctuations in the self-esteem, depending upon the differing circumstances that he would experience on social media, basically on one’s account;
  • The undue obsession caused in one’s attitude could bring distress in the mind of the planner.
  • Some of the positive effects of dating online are as follows:
  • Money and time is saved via the medium of online dating;
  • One starts looking out of his box of observation;
  • Experiencing new people can change one’s mindset and the permanent disturbing psyche;
  • One starts to love oneself and also look within oneself to search for his real outlook and happiness.


Thus, it is concluded hereby after discussing so many dimensions of dating online that social media is a medium where society is formed by the inert-relationship of different people. An extended version of dealing on social media is the online dating track and this is to be handled very carefully and diligently. Thus, the above discussion reveals some of the secrets of dating online and also provides for the sensible advice in the same regard.

Author: Abhishek Kumar

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