Dating Mistakes – 4 Common Dating Mistakes Guys Make

4 Dating Mistakes By Him

Dating Mistakes – You found your true love and planning to impress her on the first date. Then you should avoid 4 things while dating her for the first time. These mistakes can turn your first date into a last date with her.
During dating, even small miscommunication can lead you to bigger problems. And if you wish that everything should go right and your impress should impactful, then you should not make the below given mistakes:

Avoid 4 Dating Mistakes On Your First Date – For Boys

1) Don’t Visualize the Character of the Girl Before Meeting :

Here I am not talking about visualizing her personal appearance. Don’t make any pre-conceptions about her.
Example: On date you ordered a cocktail for yourself and a mocktail for her. Thinking that she is a girl so she will have a mocktail. No, She might like to have a cocktail drink as well.
So ask her.

2) Don’t Ask Her To Marry:
Girl thinks less about marriage than compare to boys. So asking a girl for marriage on the first date is NO NO.

3) Don’t try to touch her:
The boy will be a boy, is good, but not work always and especially on your first date. The girl might not like to see you getting cozy. Don’t try to hug or kiss her.
Manage the personal space.

I am not saying that you intentions are wrong, but the girl might not like it.

4) Waste Information’s:
This basically refers to the waste questions or the time eater / filler talks, such as:

– How many boyfriends do you had during school or college time?
– Are you willing to work after marriage as well?
– How much salary you are getting?

Come on, I know these are very common question which usually appear even unintentionally.
But, since, you are a single and you are on a dating, you should ask her something more interesting. Asking such personal question might lead to a bad impression.

Author: Varsha Rana

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