Teach Your Child to Read – Using Easy n FREE Methods

Teach Your Child to Read: Children are the tender gifts of God showered as a blessing upon the ordinary people. They account for the primary pleasure of every person and parent specifically. To frame and develop them into a good citizen and a better social element, it is the most required element that they shall be treated with dignity and extraordinarily knowledgeable manner.

Moreover, to make them familiar with the actual and real substantive nature of the living world, they shall be exposed to the visual and auditory senses to implement them in an appropriate manner.

Teach Your Child to Read
Teach Your Child to Read

            In lieu of the above-stated fact, it is worth consideration that the children ought to be made to read and write with an ease so that they become self-sufficient and self-reliant. To promote this aspect, we have made a study to focus upon the methodology and the strategies that can be adopted to facilitate the process of making the child read with efficiency. Thus, here we go with our today’s study to support the same.

The following points would denote the ways to teach your child to read:

  • Read in a loud tone to your child

Reading loudly to your child the content of the course or the book makes the verbal sense of the words retain for longer in the mind of the child. Moreover, it also lets the child to pronounce in an easier and more comfortable manner in return of the words spoken out to him loudly. The air of the surrounding also delivers a tinch of the words spoken in its sphere that furthers the speech of the child and facilitates the retaining power of the child.

  • Interact with your child

Always try to ask some questions out of the material read out to the child. Make an interactive relationship with regard to the content of the concerned subject that is taken into consideration while teaching how to read to the child. This would develop the conscious level of the child. It would also generate active stimulus and reflex actions in the behavioral aspect of the mind of child.

  • Let your child experience easy and effective access of books

This is to ensure that the child does not feel devoid of the content holder viz. the books that are to be read to and by him. Therefore, it demand an easy access of books for the children so that they could always remain enthusiastic to read new and fresh books thinking it to express and display something new and updated.

  • Setting of a positive and good example

To generate an effective and absolutely polished example for a child, the parents or the other guardians need to make it sure that the child does not proceed in a wrong direction while reading something. Let your skills in reading influence your child when he looks upon you in matters of reading. This would really enhance the mental capability of your child.

  • Accessibility of Library of prime most object

Library is the knowledge society where good books are easily available and can be pursued for gaining better knowledge of basics and are effective for the children’s reference. Reading good books and making the children read the same would enhance the reading skills of the children. Therefore, libraries play an important role in establishing the fact of ameliorating the reading of your child.

  • Alphabets should be taught primarily

To proceed with the job of teaching your child how to read, let your conscience first emphasize on the alphabets and the basic fundamental lying behind the concept of using these alphabets. Thus, it shall be considered to be a crucial point of concern that the alphabets should be taught to the children before proceeding with the task of reading the content of a particular body or book.

  • Rhymes shall be taught to the child with great zeal

Special importance shall be given to the rhymes that are read with a particular sound which retains in the mind of a child and sustains for long-term. In exchange of this, the content that is read out in rhyming scheme does not then remain easy to forget and also facilitates the interest of a child to read more and more in a phonetic nature.

  • Least bother on the grammar part

This is a settled principle that while reading, very less emphasis should be supplied to the grammar portion. This is because at the first instance, the reader basically tries to read out word to word content which would make it difficult for the reader to focus on the grammar. Therefore, it is said that the grammar shall be touched gradually and subsequently as the child is felt to have obtained enough command over the reading skill.

  • Identification of letters in natural sense

The letters of the content that is read out shall be related to the natural bliss and essence so that they can be retained in relation to some previously established optic element. Therefore, it is suggested that the letters should always be read in relation to some naturally existing substance or abstract object that sustains the idea of the content read in reality.

  • Enhance the practice of Decoding

To ensure that your child knows the actual scenario of the content he is about to read, make it a habit to break down the words and decode them so that the sound of each part of the broken word shall be made familiar to the child. This would also promote the clear reading of the book and its contents therein.


            It can be said in the concluding stanza that to make a child read and teach him to carry forth the process of reading with an ease and efficiently, you should yourself be perfect at reading and if not, you should prefer some person who is good at reading and whom you believe can teach your child in a better way than you, to read with effective results and to make less mistakes.

Author: Abhishek Kumar

Editor: Arun Rathi

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