Lose Belly Fat without Exercise

Lose Belly Fat Without Exercise: Many of my friends are disturbed by their fat belly. They feel like their personality is affected due to the thick tummy they possess. They always hope for some remedy that could solve their problem of being fat. Due to certain digestion issues or genetic inconsistencies, fat accumulates in the body thereby resulting in obesity.

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But now there is no need to worry much about this issue as we are bringing before you the best remedial measures to reduce and ultimately get rid of this fat belly.

Lose Belly Fat without Exercise
Lose Belly Fat without Exercise

Here are some of the best remedies that would lower down the belly fat without exercise within 2 weeks.

These go as follows:

  • Maintaining a Correct Posture

To note that posture plays a very crucial role in maintaining a standard level of fat in the body is worth application. While sitting, walking, running or standing, the prima facie thing to be kept in mind is that the posture should be well-organized and maintained one. Adoption of wrong posture while doing certain act may result in poor metabolism and thus, obesity.

  • Increase your water intake capacity on daily basis

Water is believed to be a cleansing agent of the body. It removes many toxins from the blood. It also helps in reducing fat, soluble in water, from the mid-section of the body. Drinking at least 8 glasses of water daily may help in excellent hydration of the body and clearing the blood of unwanted substances like poor fatty acids and toxins etc.

  • Keep your Digestive System Clean

This is to say that early morning, drink at least 2 glasses of normal clean water so that the body may be cleaned properly. Maintain a habit of visiting bathroom frequently in order to ensure proper cleansing of the digestive tract. This would be facilitated by drinking more water and thus, fat content of the body can be burnt and reduced.

  • Avoid Packed or Canned Food

In the world of westernization, in every aspect of life, the lifestyle has changed notwithstanding in areas of clothing, education, food, etc. Thus, the food culture has also reflected a drastic drift. Today, the traditional food has lost its value due to the dominance of Chinese food that is usually packed and canned. The material of container in which the food is packed proves to be harmful to the body and thereby causes reactions with the body tissues thus, resulting in obesity.

  • Make Long Walks a Habit
how to Lose Belly Fat without Exercise
How to Lose Belly Fat without Exercise

Indulging in some physical activity does not always mean to go for gym or some sports, etc. Yet there are certain activities which silently work in effect. One of such activities is to walk at a normal speed but for long distance. This helps in proper metabolism and also lowers down the level of unwanted toxic substances present in the blood. Moreover, it also reduces the extra inches of belly which protrudes out of the waistline. A usual 30-minute walk daily can help extravagantly in this regard.

  • Give Divorce to Chewing Gum

Maintaining a distance from chewing gum would help paramount in maintaining proper respiration which would ultimately vanish away the chances of bloating. Therefore, to breathe properly, instead of chewing gum you can chew mint leaves. Bloating also hampers accurate metabolism and thus, chewing gum needs to be abandoned.

  • Consume Good Carbohydrates but Negative Calories

This is to say that there are certain foods which possess good carbohydrates while others possess bad carbohydrates. Consume as much food with negative calories as you can. These negative calories are present in fruit juices and such foods which have high vitamin, minerals and water content. Therefore, it would also assure that fewer calories are passed into the blood and therefore chance of their accumulation is reduced.

  • Consume plenty of fibrous food

Fibre helps in the reduction of constipation as it takes adequate time to digest and impart feeling of fullness to the body. Fibre also aids in clearing the body of harmful toxins. It facilitates speedy metabolism and proper digestion of food. Hence, it helps in reducing belly fat easily without exercise.

  • Consume Vitamin C Rich Food

Eat at least one vitamin C rich food on a daily basis. This is because vitamin C helps in reducing stress and thereby facilitates the burning of fat in the body. Some of vitamin C rich fruits are lemon, orange, pomegranate, Amla, Grapefruit, Lime, Kiwi, etc.

  • Say Goodbye to Stress and Have Good Sleep

Stress affects the immune system and the nervous system of the body. It lowers the impulse rate of the brain and thus, decreases the communication of signals for proper digestion of food. You might have experienced that when you are in stress, you don’t feel like ingesting anything. This is just because of the improper signals from the brain that do not let digestive juices to be secreted in the stomach and consequently hamper the digestion of food.

Moreover, always try to have good enough sleep so that the body rhythm is maintained at an appropriate level to promote good metabolism when active.


It is therefore conclude by a note that to ensure proper balance in the body structure, firstly we have to focus on our mental structure which helps us in making decisions. Thus, think wise, act wise and it is my assurance to you that you will definitely get wise.

Author: Abhishek Kumar

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