Prevent Silverfish – How To Get Rid Of Silverfish Naturally

Get Rid of Silverfish

Getting Rid of Silverfish : Ever if you have been through a nasty bug resembling silverfish, possessing antennas on the interior as well as the posterior portion of their body, so you are very absolute with your today’s new article that would deal with the remedies for getting rid of those poor creatures around yourself.

Silverfish are the fastest breeding creatures, as proved by science, in lieu of the fact that they lay 2-20 eggs each day and with a month or two reproduce into many. These buddies can be found at simply dirty and wet places, and they too, like paper and wood, etc. Thus, they can be easily found in the basements, under sinks, bathrooms, storerooms, etc.

Get rid of silverfish

How To Prevent Silverfish ?

Use the below given simple measures to get rid of silverfish have been discussed, which proceed as follows:


Boric Acid

The use of boric acid in this respect can prove poisonous and harmful and shall be used with great caution. It works as in destroying the hatching nymphs of silverfish and preventing them from further growing on the site.



Silverfish requires a moist environment to grow and multiply. Thus, if the level of humidity is reduced to an approximate extent, so resistance can be generated in the multiplication of silverfish. This process of dehumidifying the surrounding of maximum chances of growth of silverfish can be proceeded by keeping a chalk box near to the site and thus, the whole moisture from the air of that vicinity would be absorbed by the chalks, which can be replaced periodically.


Earthy Adoption

Being non-hazardous and environmentally-friendly, diatomaceous earth can be used in getting rid of silverfish. It has certain properties of acting as repellants and may sometimes prove fatal for the bugs. It shall be sprinkled beneath sinks, behind corner-plates of the walls, in the outer lining of furniture, etc. When such bugs come in contact with diatomaceous earth, they die out of the poisonous touch of the host.


Lemon Spray

Silverfish does not like the smell of citrus or lavender, etc. Thus, making a spray of such natural juice of citrus fruits like lemon, at the spots of maximum visit of the bugs would definitely repel silverfish to a maximum extent. Such sprays should not be artificial or synthetic in nature. It should be of natural recognition. Thus, underneath the sinks, wooden cupboards, etc. spray can be done and benefit can be enjoyed thereto.


Let us Try Spices

Trying to spice at home in a different practical manner can also prove beneficial in repelling silverfish. Cinnamon, cloves, bay leaves, cedar, etc. have certain insect-repellant properties due to their strong fragrance. A small quantity of these spices can be tied in small packets and hooked up at the back side of book racks, under the sinks, cupboards, etc. which would help in getting rid of the nasty bugs.


Prefer Vacuuming

To get rid of even the smallest eggs of silverfish, which are very difficult to see with spot with the naked eyes, the use of vacuum cleaning should be preferred in the whole of the residing place. This would also remove food crumbs which stimulate the attraction of silverfish into the house. Thus, vacuuming aids in cleaning the house in totality, to the minutest of its degrees and extensions.


Sealing the Residing Place

Silverfish needs a suitable temperature to live in, which should not be very high in degree. Thus, when the temperature rises to very high level during summers and the soil gets dry, silverfish manages to gain entry into the residences through small entry points or holes, or which they feel appropriate to pass through. Thus, the residing places should be sealed fully in order to prevent the entry of such guests. Special care should be passed towards blocking the smallest holes within the doors and windows of the house or office.


Trap Mechanism

The use of sticky traps, with the application of certain lubricants on the inner walls of a glass jar, keeping a piece of food at the bottom of the jar and tying a string on the outer side of the jar to trace the entry of bug into the jar towards the food, would trap the bug at the bottom and would not let it come out of the jar because of the slippery nature of the inner walls of the jar.


Trash to be tossed away

Clean up your study room out there. The cupboards, book stand, clipboards, study tables, old piled up books, useless wooden boxes, etc. should be cleared of trash and dust. Old newspapers, magazines, etc. if found to be of negligible use should be treated accordingly. They should be tossed away periodically or annually, as may feel suitable.


Use of Insecticides

The use of insecticides is helpful when it comes to the entry and growth of silverfish into the house. To get rid of this issue, insecticides can be sprayed on the inner peripheral linings of the walls of the house as well as on the outer periphery of the house to prevent further entry of any other bug, etc. This would definitely prove success through its application.



Thus, it can be said that by reading the above dictated remedies, one may get away from the inconsistency caused by silverfish, but there are many more solutions to this problem, which may prove harmful or beneficial for human health consequently in factum.


Get rid of silverfish



Author: Abhishek Kumar

Editor: Arun Rathi