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Get Rid Of Ants:

How To Keep Ants Out Of Your House

Get Rid Of Ants – Ants being the smallest creatures have so many stories and phrases and jokes associated with them. I remember a fact related to the ants that if they had been born as humans, they would do double the work that a normal person does. Yet, when they occupy, our spaces be it in the kitchen or garden, we make sure that they leave our surroundings as soon as possible.

In this module, we will tell you about how to get rid of ants in easiest ways possible. Also, certain remedies mentioned below are completely homemade and very convenient to follow.


8 Easy Ways To Get Rid Of Ants In The Kitchen


How To Get Ants Out Of Your House

To remove the ants it is very important to understand the three steps work that you will be doing, which being;

1) Locating
2) Removing
3) Preventing

These three steps may sound easy, but if not done properly may lead to inviting the ants again. So while performing the remedies and cure, make sure to remember these three points.



It is very important to know and understand the exact point which is the home or entrance for the ants to your premise. If located once, it will help you to deal with them in a much easier way. There are a lot many times when people do not realize the exact point of origination for the clusters of ants and then any remedy used goes in vain.



Removal of the ants can be done in many ways. There can be a use of both chemical and organic homemade materials to get rid of them.
Below given choices are not only easy to opt for but also works wonders to their best.



An ingredient which is very common in everyone’s kitchen is a very useful and beneficiary product to remove the ants. Vinegar taken in a spray bottle, if sprayed on the ant homes can result in removing the ants completely.

Also, spray it on the spots which are prone of visits from ants.



A basic and regular ingredient from the kitchen can give excellent results if used accordingly. Flour has certain components that trap the ants and help in fleeing them away. So, all you need to do is to sprinkle a handful of wheat flour over the ant nests or in a line across the boundary or entry/exit of your kitchen, rooms, balcony or any such place where ants are to be seen.



Get rid of silverfishIt kills house ants, and powdered sugar will attract them. Prepare a homemade mixture by mixing one part borax with 3 parts powdered sugar. Pour it in tiny containers. Place this homemade remedy as close to the places where you doubt for the ants to enter your house.

NOTE: Never think of killing the ants that you see. Ants are one of the brainy insects, will carry the entice back to the nests, but they will fail to differentiate between borax and sugar therefore, borax will kill the other ants eventually.

Sprinkle cinnamon near entry points or the ant nests. Also, you can use baby powder as some ants do not like it much. Vaseline can also be used as a safe remedy to secure your house from ants.


Lastly, the step of PREVENTION is to be followed.

Make sure to seal the cracks and openings that can be a home to the ants. Also keep a regular check on their movement and on their number to know if they are not increasing.

These were some useful and easy ways by following which you can remove ants from your house. And yes, your house is a place for you to dwell, and not the ants!

So keep your house ants free now….

Author: Pratima Singh

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