Get Rid of Fruit Flies – 10 Ways to Get Rid of Fruit Flies

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Get Rid of Fruit Flies

Get Rid of Fruit Flies Quickly
:  Often times, it is observed that while a good is carried from outside into the house, a little number of small insects also come alongwith the matter of importance. Such insects sometimes prove to be a great source of disturbance and inconsistency in the domestic course or otherwise. Such insects are known as fruit flies, which are also known for their rapid multiplication in suitable environmental conditions. In order to get rid of these small flies at home, there are a number of remedies that have been worked upon retrospectively and are also assured of being sustained as remedies for the future.

How To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies ?

These solutions are as follows:

Banana Trap

A trap with the help of a funnel and ripened banana can be made very easily, by keeping some small pieces of ripened banana into the funnel and wrapping the funnel with plastic bag with some holes in the plastic bag. The wrap should be done on the open-mouth of the funnel. By doing this, the flies would gain entry into the funnel but would not be able to ooze out of it, thereby getting trapped inside the funnel.

Use of Carnivorous Plant

By planting some carnivorous plants, like the pitcher plant, in the garden or backyard of the house, the dilemma of flies can be rescued from. And thus, such plants would help the concerned people to get rid of those small flies, and protect them by eating the flies as soon as they sit on the extensions of the plant.

Clearance of Drain

To keep a regular check on the cleanliness of drains below the kitchen sink is also a very hygienic and protective remedy against the multiplication of fruit flies. Fruit flies multiply in the area which has small bits of fruits and vegetables, due to which fact it is stated that the use of apple cider vinegar for clearing the drains of the kitchen, would help wonders in getting away from such tiny flies.

Dish-Wash Practice

To do away with dirty dishes and washing them thoroughly with some good soap or detergent and water, is a very good practice to be followed in order to get free from the inconvenience caused by the flies. Flies, when would not get appropriate place to breed, would lose its immense power to breed at the end.

Essential Oils to be Tried

Basil leaves can be treated as the best repellants for fruit flies. Moreover, it has also been experimented that fruit flies do not like strong smell, as they do not get attracted towards lavender or lemongrass as well. So, to try it at home, a sponge dipped in lavender oil can be placed on the table or counter on which the fruits are to be kept. This would keep the fruits free from the commencement of flies around them.
Incoming Produce to be Washed Thoroughly.

It is not true that the fruit flies only gain entry into the house in their original state of presence, but they may also enter when they are not even fully formed in their bodily stature. This is to say that the flies may also come into the house in the form of eggs present in the dirt attached to the fruits and vegetables, when purchased from the market. So to get rid of this, the articles of such a nature should be washed outside the house, before introducing them to the kitchen, ensuring that there is no chance of experiencing fruit flies in the house.

Maintaining Damp Clothes

Damp clothes viz. hand towels, etc. used in the kitchen should be maintained and kept a check upon, on a regular and daily basis. This would act as a resistance for the breeding of fruit flies. The dirty, wet clothes act as breeding place for the flies, and if they would be regularly washed, there would be no chance of accumulating flies in the premises of one’s house.

Ripe Fruits Off the Counter

Ripe fruits basically release ethanol, which attracts flies to come near to it and stimulate multiplication. So, in order to keep flies away, the best remedy is to keep the ripened fruits in the refrigerator and the ripening fruits to be kept on the counter, but covered with a paper. This would not facilitate the growth of flies.

Soap Trap

For making this trap, one needs to have some water, some dish-wash soap, and a teaspoonful of cider vinegar. Contain water in a small container and mix the soap into it, alongwith the cider vinegar. Flies would be attracted by the smell of vinegar. Soap would break the molecular tension over the surface of water and thus, when the flies would approach the water, they would easily sink into it and would not be able to get out of it. This method can be used to make a trap with the help of funnel as well.

Vinegar Trap

This trap, as has been discussed earlier, becomes a very strong trap, because of the fact that only cider vinegar is used, in the making of this trap, as an ingredient. So, the flies are attracted very strongly towards this trap. It can be made on funnel, by wrapping the open mouth of the funnel with a plastic paper, with some holes in it for the passage of air. Now, when the flies would smell the vinegar, they would easily gain entry into the funnel, but would not be able to take exit, thereby reducing the chance of fly multiplication.


To conclude with, it can be said that the natural organisms can be taken help of in a natural way, and if it comes to the point of achieving their eradication, that too should be primarily done in a natural way as well. And this article talks about all the natural remedies which can be used to get maximum benefit out of the same.

Author: Abhishek Kumar

Editor: Arun Rathi

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