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Create Backlinks for your Website.

Create Backlinks : To build up a relationship that would smoothen the search for a particular option on internet is an effective idea to have a good networking object. Backlinks are not just the links, but they indicate towards the backing element that helps in generating the related links to a specific search.

The main objective of creating backlinks is to allow the user to have access to all the well-designed search options by clicking on the related links. It also creates a bifurcated and divergent atmosphere in the internet marketing world. The user would not have to insert or type in the whole search data rather he/she would be exposed to various links that have primary and incidental connection with the one that is in basic concern at the time of searching. Thus, the backlinks determine the rigidity and sustained strength of the page in search.

These backlinks also have an important role of attracting huge traffic that tends to visit the page via different backlinks. This is to say that the backlinks sometimes throw a great impact on the visitors as they display good content related to the page in concern of search. Moreover, if someone wants to flourish his brand on internet, there too the backlinks play a significant part of expressing and linking the page link to some good and highly-ranked backlink. This enhances the traffic to deal with the expected content on webpage that has been reached via the backlink.

Create Backlinks Manually
Create Backlinks Manually

The quality of backlink is always determined by the quality of website. How to know the real nature of a good and quality website and how to attract more traffic by creating backlinks manually would be the next point of concern in today’s content.

How To Create Backlinks Manually for Free

Backlinks account for the immunity system of the website, whereby the content depicts blood in the body. Creating backlinks is initiated by writing and posting to the blogs and incidental websites and for that, research is required.

To deal with the methods, the following discussion would help:

  • Building of Broken Links

It is a very interesting technique of creating one’s backlink, by primarily contacting the webmaster. Actually, the need for such contacting arises when it is found that there are various broken links for a webpage in search option. Therefore, a recommendation from the side of backlink creator to the webmaster depicts the building up of a relationship on internet.

Moreover, it shall also be kept in mind that while intimating the webmaster of the broken links, it must not adopt the face of ordering or commanding rather a mere request would be sufficient to solve the purpose.

Create Backlinks For Free
Create Backlinks For Free
  • Competitors to be eyed via spies

This is another interesting method of creating backlinks. It is suggested hereby that if you want to receive dynamic and organically active traffic on your link, make an attempt of spying over your competitors on social media. This would help you to know their way of dealing with the social links and the method they adopt to create backlinks. Remain active and get periodically notified on their updating of something new to their link.

In this way, you would easily collect and re-build the broken links that are scattered by your competitors. Exact counterfeiting of your competitor’s methodology would not facilitate you to achieve your goal. Rational and sincere spying over social networking sites shall be adopted.

  • Commenting on Blogs

Another crispy way of creating backlinks is to start with commenting on blogs. Comments develop an inter-relationship between different users and through this, the links of the target website can be easily copied and accumulated in order to transform and frame a new and original backlink out of the existing website links that have been brought into contact by mere commenting. Comments should always be good ones and not just formal ones.

  • Posting on Forums

This is another significant technique which sounds quite good, by just posting certain degree of questions and answers on the forums of different websites. As said earlier that the basic objective behind creating backlinks is to create relationship on internet by contacting different areas of social media.

  • Infographics as a means of Backlinks

To express and display some sensory data is more profound and liked by the traffic than to display dry content. This is to say that while aiming at attracting huge traffic on your website, adopt the facility of creating infographs. The technique of infographs basically deals with depicting visual data that brings in more traffic and access for the same.

For such traffic, contacts would be made in considerable quantum of approach. Thereby, backlinks can be generated easily by looking into the links of the users that visit your self-created infographs.

  • Submissions on Bookmarking Sites

There are many bookmarking sites that invite bookmarks and resultantly, display a number of links, from which selection of a particular link depending on the creator’s need can be selected and backlink can be created with ease. For e.g.:- Reddit site.

  • Posting of Guest Articles

‘Guest Posting’ accounts to be the effective method to create numerous contacts. In this method, you actually use other websites to post your article on, and as a result, you act as their guest and receive good number of new visitors. This would not directly, but for sure, indirectly help you in building up a good network on social media with a facilitated and handsome proportion of new visitors, viz. traffic.

  • Submitting Articles

‘Article Submission’ is nowadays proving to be a very knowledgeable and successful method of creating backlinks. This is so due to the creation of your own original work and submitting it to the online directories to generate more views and the subsequent links. The conclusive analysis of such links results in the creation of one’s own backlinks.

How to Create Backlinks Manually ?

Top 5 Sites To Create Backlinks for FREE

  1. Small SEO Tools
  2. Backlinkr
  3. SEO Unity
  4. Free Backlink Builder
  5. SEO World 24×7


Thus, it can be said at the end of the talk that creating backlinks manually and freely is not a difficult task. Rather, it is a knowledge striking work wherein, one gets a chance to do some research work and on his own attempt, find out some tricky ways to develop something new over which he may have his own command. And to make it successful, you have been very well-versed with the above-mentioned methods.

Author: Abhishek Kumar
Editor: Arun Rathi

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