Why is Callisthenics aka Calisthenics gaining the limelight?

Callisthenics is a type of bodyweight training. That means those exercises that are not done with any dumbbell or anything similar come under the calisthenics category. It includes Squats, pull-ups, push-ups, lunges, and just about all those exercises you are familiar with.

The best thing about doing this form of exercise is that you don’t need to hit the gym or lift any equipment to do it; Calisthenics is a fantastic way to build your strength.

Most people know this by the name Street workout. In recent years, during the pandemic period, this form of exercise had gained popularity when everyone was in their homes with minimal or almost no equipment to train.

Callisthenics pros can be easily found in showcasing their variety of mind-blowing skills just with their body weight.

Fitness enthusiasts around the globe practice this form of exercise, and by looking at them or watching them, people are also choosing this exercise form. This exercise has numerous benefits like:

  • It can be performed anywhere and whenever you prefer;
  • Increasing strength is a great benefit;
  • Multiple muscles engagement;
  • The core strength of an individual increases;
  • The constant engagement of the core will teach your body to balance better;
  • Calisthenics helps sharpen your coordination skills;

You need to be powerful to be in a game of calisthenics, and to generate this power; you expend more energy than normal. This, in general, means you burn more calories.

Callisthenics improves the endurance and agility of an individual. You will never find a calisthenics training person with lesser energy.

Those who perform calisthenics are much better and swift in their functional movements. You should perform callisthenics four times per week for swiftness in your movements, optimal training, and recovery.