Side Effects of Diabetes | How to Prevent Diabetes

Side Effects of Diabetes : The real nature of diabetes is actually the increased level of glucose in human body specifically in the blood. Incidental to this is the symptomatic overview of this disease whereby it throws a serious series of differentiated physical and physiological abnormalities which may lead one to the ends of life and to bring the existence gradually to a null point.

Therefore, today we bring to you some of the serious side effects-cum-outcomes which originate out of the poor and vulnerable outcast of the inconsistency named, diabetes.

            Therefore, let us list down some of the unexpected side effects of diabetes, which prove fatal to gradual extent of the sufferer’s life.

Side Effects Of Diabetes

The list is as follows:

  1. Unusually higher blood pressure and growth in cholesterol

Due to the lack of proper administration of insulin in the body, the good cholesterol begins to lower down and the bad cholesterol or the saturated fats begin accumulating in the body tissues.

This causes the blood vessels to narrow down in their diameter and thereby causing the uneasy flow of blood through them. Thus, blood pressure gets increased manifold and therefore, threats of heart attack begin to develop.

  • Health of brain weakens

This is to say as in case when either hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia persist, therefore the levels of sugar in the blood fluctuates and thus, the impulse generation weakens which ultimately lowers down the reflex action mechanism which is the most required in coordinating various body organs functioning through the brain. Thus, brain health is ultimately affected with diabetes.

  • Difficulty in sex performance

Due to the heavy amount of glucose in the blood, the most of ATP molecules are used up in mechanizing the sugar content which reduces the potential in generating reflex action in the sexual organ.

This is due to the cause that proper blood supply to the sex organs is restricted in matters of diabetes and therefore, proper sex activity is not carried out successfully.

  • Damage to auditory cells

This is to say that due to heavy amount of sugar in the blood, its circulation is affected in the auditory region as well, whereby it critically affects the hearing process and thus, results in hearing loss. The higher level of sugar in the blood when passing through the ear demands a higher rate of metabolism, which imparts lesser amount of energy to the ear cells thereby causing ear damage.

  • Dermal infections

In the areas of derma viz. skin cells, diabetes has another critical approach in rendering various kinds of infections therein. It shall be corroborated with the symptoms of bacterial infections caused over the skin cells which result in urinary tract infections as well and moreover, fungal infections have no lesser place to be occupied in this regard.

In case of obese person, these fungal infections cause more of an irritation as the skin underlying the obesity is moist in nature which proves to be environmentally best place for fungi.

  • Optic issues

This is to focus on the vision abnormalities which are caused by diabetes. The higher content of glucose in the blood harms seriously the optic nerves of the eye and other cells and tissues present in the eyes, which coordinate the functioning of the eyes to create a vision of the world.

Therefore, at any age, this may result out of hyperglycemia, which is the result of improper digestion in many cases.

  • Effect on kidneys

Kidneys are believed to be the filters in human body which accelerate the ultrafiltration of the blood of the whole body making it disease free. But the nephrons have no lesser role to play in this regard whereby these are the only units which actually are the filters.

In case of hyperglycemia, the nephrons get thickened and scars are found on their texture, which affects their proper functioning to a great extent. Thus, as a result, causes serious damage to the whole kidney and may unusually result in kidney failure in critical situations.

  • Neurons damaged

The neurons are the basic units of the human body which actually cause every kind of movement in human body by generating impulses from chemical reactions and coordination of brain and body tissues.

But the higher levels of glucose in the blood cause numbness in their operation and which resultantly causes the body to slow down the movement and sometimes the situation of coma may also happen to exist. Thus, sugar level needs to be maintained to its fullest to help maintain the proper functioning of the nervous system of the body.


            In the ending stanza, it can be analytically stated that the whole human body is structured in such a manner that each and every organ is connected to a different extent with the other. And therefore, to maintain the coordination, a check should be made over all the guiding spirits of these organs, the most important being the blood.

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