Knee Pain – Reasons, Exercise and Home Remedies

Knee Pain Reasons

Cause Of Knee Pain

knee pain home remedies
Knee pain is among the most growing problem in people with today’s lifestyle. It could happen due to Lack Of Bone Calcium, Old Age (Bones gets weaker), Accident/Injuries, Overweight (Obesity).

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Anatomy of the Knee

Let first understand your knees
Your knee is formed of 4 bones that allow your knee to bend, stand straight, twist and hold your body weight. Yes, it does take help of other ligaments, tendons etc.

Magnetic Resonance ImagingKnee Diagnosis

If you feel some pain in your knee or see swelling on your knee or having problem while walking. It’s time to consult with the doctor.

In order to diagnose your problem doctor will ask you to get the MRI done.

MRI refers to: Magnetic Resonance Imaging

MRI clearly displays your bones, ligaments, cartilage, muscles, tendons, and even some blood vessels.

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Knee Pain Treatment

Knee Pain Home Remedies

There are multiple ways to cure your knee pain. We have shared a few of them below:

1) Rest: Give rest to your body and avoid unnecessary walk or work.

2) Apply Ice: If you see a swelling on your knee then apply some ice on it.

3) Exercise: Cardio is the best option. It gives strength to your muscles and help your treat stiff muscles and make them flexible.

4) Avoid Injuries: There are often, chances that people suffering from knee injuries or knee pain fall down while taking a walk. Which make their case more worse therefore, if you are suffering from knee pain and going out for a walk, please make sure to take a supporter (walking aid) with you.

5) Reduce Weight: Obesity will increase your knee problem in future, so keep your eye on your weight and do necessary exercises to keep it in control.

6) Your Shoes: Use Cushioned insoles shoes. Cushioned insoles shoes are highly suggested by doctors to knee pain patience’s.

Finally, If all the above methods fail and you are still facing the knee pain. It’s time for:

Knee Replacement Surgery

In this surgery surgeon replaces your knee with Artificial Joints made of plastic or metal.

There are different types of knee replacement surgeries, It totally depends on your knee condition which surgery surgeon suggests to you.

Alternative Solution Of Knee Replacement Surgery is:

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Author: Varsha Rana

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