How to Remove Tattoo at Home for FREE

How to Remove a Tattoo at Home for FREE

How To Remove Tattoo at Home? The world filled with a desire to capture a glimpse of everything beautiful and attractive is into the practice of sticking itself to the artificially designed expressions in the form of tattoos and certain such related animations thereto.

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How to Remove Tattoo at Home
How to Remove Tattoo at Home

Therefore, sometimes due to the exposure to such invariant and obsessive articles’ inception into one’s lifestyle, the subsequent and corollary result is that of unimaginative irritation and the adaptive approval of the same.

In other words, it is to say that the constant and ongoing application of such alien elements with the sensitive skin of human body becomes a cause of certain harmful infections and are susceptible of being removed as soon as possible.

Thus, today we come with a very helpful study for our viewers to know the remedial instances and tools of removing the tattoos which had been framed and introduced upon your skin in certain circumstances. In lieu of proceeding with the study, let us first talk about the idea of whether the tattoos can be removed easily or not?

So to answer it in affirmation, we shall consider it to be valid as to carry forward the process of removing the tattoo.

Therefore, it is to be brought into consideration that at the time when the concept of tattooing commenced, it was believed that the tattoo would be retained in its permanent form, but subsequently with the passage of time and with the advancement in technology, it is now believed that the tattoo can be removed very easily by adopting various methods which include home remedies and the technical remedies as well.


Worldwide Famous Forms of Tattoos

Below given is the list of the famous forms of tattoos:

Realistic Tattoos

Realistic tattoos are usually made by White, Black and Gray Ink.
In spite of looking like a tattoo, it more lookalike a picture or a photograph.
It has crazing among students as they get a pic of their favorite celebrities tattooed on them.

Water Color Tattoos

Don’t worry, NO water color is used in this. Again a differently created ink is used in designing such tattoos.
On completion, it’s more like a portrait designed on the body with water colors.

Tribal Tattoos

Tribal Tattoos is among the most liked tattoo format in the world. Get a tribal tattoo is like getting a history on your body.
Tattooing is not something new, It is a very old trend. Egyptains, Africans and many tribes were booked in the past which clearly reflect the signs of body art. Tribal Tattoos are quit famous among the kids and people that worship the dark or practice black magic.

Japanese Tattoos

Tattoo with Japanese Culture Touch, they are also known as Irezumi.
This body artwork is done with the help of block and most of the time a tattoo reflects a story or something from history.
One of the common characters that you will find in Japanese Tattoo is the “Dragons”.

How to Remove Tattoo at Home

Ink from Skin

Remove ink from skin – Starting with some basic methods of removing tattoo from the skin , it can be discussed that tattoo ink can be removed by the application of warm water upon the designed area of the skin viz. the area displaying a tattoo upon it.

Remove Tattoo at Home

Thereafter, a lemon shall an on the tattoo and constant rubbing and application of lemon juice facilitates the atoms of the tattoo to get loosened and dissolved into lemon juice molecules.

Then, wait till the area where the lemon juice is applied to get dried and subsequently as soon as you feel that the skin had got hardened at that spot, just wash away the portion with warm water again. This would definitely assist in the removal of majority portion of the tattoo. This is further a cost effective method of removing a tattoo from the skin.

Tattoo Stickers

Remove Tattoo Sticker – Another common issue that comes across people of almost any age, whether young or old, whether child or adult, is that of removing the tattoo stickers, which are known to be temporary tattoos and show the sign of losing permanence and shine with time. So, here is a simple home remedy which can be used for facilitating the aim.

The use of mouthwash solvents, nail polish removers, common soap and water aids in the break-down of tattoo texture. Moreover, sometimes due to constant rubbing of skin to remove tattoo can cause rashes and scratches on the skin . So, in order to reduce the pain or inflammation caused, coconut oil can help manifold in that regard.

Lip Tattoo

How to Remove a Tattoo at Home
Lip Tattoo Removal

Remove a LIP Tattoo: Many ladies prefer to get a lip tattoo to give a beautiful look to their lips. This tattooing work in done on the outer line of the lips and with a different ink that we use in normal tattoos.

Most of the it is similar to the temporary tattoo and after sometime it loses its shine automatically. However, if you want to remove a tattoo at home that best thing you can do is by applying a scrub on the lip part and wash the face.

Eyebrow Tattoo

Remove an Eyebrow Tattoo – To further the aim of removing the eyebrow tattoo, it is said that it is not an easy task and is prone to various threats of harm being caused at the advent of any step carried in this concern. Therefore, to protect oneself from the seriousness of its removal, one shall consult a clinician who has technical knowledge in the field of dealing with such external bodily creativities.

Thus, the tattoo from eyebrows can be removed by an expert or with the help of surgery, which would ratify the fact that certain scars are left after the process has been accomplished. Therefore, let us ensure that we do not indulge in such an animated world that would in the prospect harm our life or the cause of it.

Jagua Tattoo

How to Remove Glitter Tattoo
How to Remove Glitter Tattoo from Skin

How to Remove Jagua Tattoo – Tattoo artist uses Jagua Tattoo gel to make any tattoo. And Jagua Tattoo gel is usually made of Jaguar Fruit. It’s looks similar to Heena, but it is not.

Jagua tattoo is very easy to remove. Simply apply some water and rub soap on the tattoo part and that’s it. Jagua Tattoo will fade within few minutes.

Glitter Tattoo

How to remove Glitter Tattoo from Skin – Alcohol is the BEST stuff to remove any glitter tattoo. Simply, take a small piece of cotton and tip it into the alcohol.

Now slowly rub the wet cotton piece on the tattoo part. Within 5 mins the glue used with glitter while making the tattoo will start losing it’s grip from your skin.

After you see that the glitter is losing its strength simply wash the body part with alcohol only.

Remove Fake or Temporary Tattoo

The party is over. Now its time to get rid of your fake tattoos.

It can be done by using a method called “Peeling”.

  1. For this, you need a roll of a tape.
  2. Cut multiple pieces of tape.
  3. Paste those tape pieces on the tattoo
  4. Pull the tape pieces instantly with force as ladies do it waxing.

Repeat the above 4 steps 3-5 times and your fake tattoo will vanish like anything.

By Laser:

How to Remove Tattoos at Home for FREE
How to Remove Tattoo at Home for FREE

Remove tattoo by LaserGetting a tattoo removed with the help of laser is a very threat prone method of engaging into. This is because the light beam used in laser is of high intensity which affects skin cells and may easily cause certain indifferent and hazardous infections.

Moreover, when laser is presented before the tattoo portion of the skin, it directly causes incidental reaction upon the pigments present in the skin cells. It may cause various infirmities in the coloration of the skin.

To further deal with the side-effects of the colouration laser technique of removing a tattoo from the skin, there are the ones listed as follows:

  • It causes variations in the form of hypopigmentation and hyperpigmentation in the skin cells. Hypopigmentation means that the area from where the tattoo colouration may suffer from loss of pigments and the adjoining area of the skin may adopt a higher contrast in that regard. On the other hand, in case of hyperpigmentation, the area from which tattoo is removed may adopt a high concentration of skin pigments and the subsequent adjoining are may suffer a lower contrast in matters of pigmentation;
  • Sometimes certain sustained and incurable infections may be caused;
  • A permanent scar over the skin can be left for lifetime and might not be removed by any possible method then;
  • Certain tattoos require various sessions to be conducted in order to remove them from the skin with the help of a laser method, which further causes serious harm upon the infliction of repeated laser beams.


PicoSure Laser is a very advanced laser that works on picosecond timeframe which means it uses very short laser pulses.

1 Pico Second = one trillionth part of a sec.

Due to its high efficiency of work it breaks the tattoo ink dramatically well and remove the tattoo very fast atleast as compare to the other lasers Dermatologists uses for removing tattoos. Checkout in below given image:

PicoSure Laser Tattoo Removal


A small machine or tool called dermabrader is used by surgeons to remove a tattoo.

I have small blades on its mouth that moves in a circular pattern on the start of the motor.

Simply, move the machine on the tattoo part and it will slowly remove the tattoo layer within a few days.

Buying a Dermabrader will cost you much cheaper than visit the surgeon for getting the same job done.

Exfoliation Tattoo Removal

Just like Dermabrasion, Exfoliation is the process to remove the upper layer of the sking and allow the new skin to grow. Since, the upper layer of sking which have the tattoo is removed, the tattoo fades away.

It can be done with any home material available at home, such as: Scrubbing a Pumice Stone or Sea Salt.

How to Remove Tattoo at Home for Free?

Now, the time comes to discuss the home remedies for removing a tattoo from skin. This is said in furtherance of the methods that there are a number of such methods which can be successfully carried out at home to get rid of that irritating element form your sensitive skin.

These are listed as follows:

How to Remove Tattoo at Home with:

  • Hydrogen Peroxide
How does Hydrogen Peroxide remove tattoos?
Tattoo Removal at Home

How does Hydrogen Peroxide remove tattoos? To support the valid concept of removing a tattoo with the help of hydrogen peroxide at home, it is said that hydrogen peroxide alone cannot perform well, but when used along with baking soda, works effectively and easily removes the tattoo from the skin.

Thus, it is recommended that scrubbing hydrogen peroxide and baking soda over the affected skin with a tattoo, with thoroughly washed hands, free from infectious organisms, promotes the process of removing a tattoo from the skin.

  • TCA

You might be thinking that what does this ‘TCA’ mean? So here I would like to tell you that it is nothing strange but ‘Trichloroacetic Acid’. The use of TCA helps magnificently in removing a tattoo from the skin. TCA reacts with the skin cells and hits at the roots of the colour base inside the skin. It slowly removes the tattoo colour but also comes with certain dangers.

It may result in skin allergy, skin infections, discoloration of the surrounding skin, hypo and hyperpigmentation, etc. It shall be used with full care and precautions. Though being a cheap home remedy, it demands excessive caution and full knowledge to be used at specific parts of the body. It cannot be used ordinarily over the eyes, ears, nose or facial parts.

  • Salicylic Acid

Tattoo Removal Salicylic Acid – Salicylic acid is a common exfoliating agent that is observed in skin care products. It works on the upper layer of the skin only. It does not work on the lower layer, however, tattoo usually have their root inside the multiple layers of skin. Salicylic Acid is easily available in Medical Store as well as online.

Home Remedies:

With Salt

Removing Tattoo with Salt
Removing Tattoo with Salt

Removing tattoo with salt is another home remedy for the concerned issue. But it is to be used with great courage again. This is because it would cause serious rashes on the skin, which would result in severe pain and irritation.

Application of salt over the tattoo and rubbing it for some time dilutes the color of the tattoo and also results in its partial dissolution into the atoms of salt. But simultaneously, it also caused rashes over the skin where it is rubbed. So, in order to remove those rashes and relieve from pain, coconut oil is recommended to be used to receive good sensation and recover from the irritation caused.

Pumice Stone

Remove Tattoo with Pumice Stone
Remove Tattoo with Pumice Stone

Using Pumice Stone to remove tattoo could be really painful and can cause skin damage and bleeding.


  • Prepare a mixture of Aleo Vera gel with any scrub cream you use at home.

  • Apply it to the tattoo part.

  • Take a pumice stone and rub it on the tattoo for about 10-15 minutes 2-3 times in a day for about one month.

Please Note: DO NOT rub the Pumice Stone very hardly on your skin as it might cause bleeding from that part.


Using Lemon Juice

How to Remove Tattoo with Lemon Juice – Removing tattoo with a solution of salt and lemon juice twice a day results in easy accomplishment of the goal. It requires salt to be added to the solvent of lemon juice and constant application of the same on the tattoo. Leaving it for few minutes and then washing it off with warm water results in the part removal of the same. This method, when repeated twice daily, brings the best results and vanishes away the tattoo in a few days without causing any serious harm.

Remove Tattoo with Sandpaper

Rubbing a Sandpaper on your skin is the worse thing you can do to yourself. It will definitely damage your skin from deep as well as Sandpaper will leave its particles into your skin. Also, sandpaper cannot remove the tattoo completely. After doing this torture to your skin, you will still see the shadow of tattoo there.

Aleo Vera Tattoo Removal

Aleo Vera for Tattoo Removal
Aleo Vera Tattoo Removal

Aloe Vera is the best natural resource available. From the early day, it has been used in many cosmetics and beauty products. It is full of Vitamin A, C, E, B12, Enzymes, Minerals, Sugars, Anthraquinones, Fatty Acids, Hormones, etc.

It can be very useful in removing newly painted tattoos and that without any mark left. Simply apply the Aloe Vera gel on your tattoo with a soft hand and leave it to get dry for 3-4 hours.

You will notice that your tattoo area became a little stiff and as soon your it you will notice that the tattoo is now slightly lighter in color.

Do it for several times and you will get rid of tattoo naturally.

Remove Tattoo With Honey

Remove Tattoo With Honey
Remove Tattoo With Honey

Honey can help you lighten any tattoo on any part of your body.
Just take 2 spoon honey and slightly rub it over the tattoo.

For better results or to remove tattoo permanently, you need to prepare a mixture of Aloe Vera, Lemon Juice and Vitamin E.

Once the mixture is prepared. Apply and rub on the tattoo part for 5 – 10 mins with soft hands and leave it there for an hour.

After an hour simply wash it with a warm water. Water should not be too hot, but yes, you a little warm will be recommended.

Repeat this process each day for next 7-10 days

Stick and Poke tattoo

You can make stick and poke tattoo at home by using the sewing needle, and some homemade ink, but, it is more like a crude method.

How to Remove a Stick and Poke Tattoo
How to Remove a Stick and Poke Tattoo

Now, since you already have it on your body and now you want to get rid of that tattoo, you can use the below given method:

How to Remove a Stick and Poke Tattoo

To do this, you can use a method called Salabrasion.

Salabrasion in a process where you:

To make a salabrasion you need: water, salt and a piece of cloth.

  • Clean your skin around unwanted tattoo, dip the piece of cloth in the salt water and then rub it on the tattoo part.
  • Continue scrubbing on the tattoo, till the above skin layer is not removed.
  • After washing, apply an antibiotic cream to prevent any kind of infection.

How to Remove Tattoo with ENO

Material required:

1 ENO pouch,

1 Tea spoon filled with THINNER (The one you usually use it to remove nail paint can do this job).

How to Remove Tattoo with ENO
How to Remove Tattoo with ENO


  • Apply the thinner on the tattoo and put some ENO powder on the same.
  • You will notice small bubble on the tattoo part which is the reaction of ENO and THINNER (it is not going to harm your body).
  • Now scrub the ENO and Thinner mixture on tattoo slowly for about 10 – 15 mins.

You will notice that the tattoo is removed now.

We have tested this method on different types of tattoos and it has been noticed that this method can successfully remove light color or temporary tattoos.

Please Note: This method could be painful and can cause bleeding on the access scrubbing of the skin.

How to Remove Tattoo with Condensed Milk

How to Remove Tattoos at Home
How to Remove Tattoo with Condensed Milk

Milk contains Lac-tose, which can dilute the ink components. Milk is like an enemy of tattoo ink.

Procedure: Take a cup of condensed milk and boil it for around 10-15 mins at boiling point. Once it is boiled. Leave it to cool it down.

After the temperature of the milk reaches the moderate level, take a small cotton piece and dip it into the milk.

Then slowly rub that cotton piece on the tattooed area. Rub it for at least 30 minutes.

This method does not show results instantly and will take around 2-3 weeks to remove the tattoo. BUT, it is safe for your skin and you can apply this method on any part of your body that with a tattoo.


How to Remove Tattoo in one Day

There are few paid methods available that can help you in getting rid of unwanted tattoos on any part of your body. However, they might cost your pocket a bit.

How Much Does It Cost To Get A Tattoo Removed?

First method that can give you instant results is “remove tattoos with laser”.

Removing a tattoo via laser will cost you anywhere between 10 – 20 appointments and those will cost you between $1000 to $50000 depending on the size of your tattoo, Color or Ink used in Tattoo, Age of the Tattoo and finally, body part on which the tattoo was painted.

What doctors do in Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment?

Basically, Doctor uses the high power laser light and moves it over the tattoo area. Laser light will break or burn the skin tissues from deep. You will feel like your skin is burning, which is actually happening and it will make you feel uneasy.

You can ask your surgeon to give anesthetic before treatment.

The best part of getting the tattoo removed via laser is that it will clean your skin as there was nothing on it.

If you feel it is quite costlier than you thought. Try the second method given below.

Tattoo Removal Creams

Remove tattoo by using tattoo removal creams: There are plenty of tattoo removal creams available in the market. You can select anyone one of them and directly buy it from local medical store or you can also place an order on AMAZON for the same.

Tattoo Removal Cream will cost you between $20 to $400. 

If you are not sure which one to buy, simply buys it on the basis of user reviews given on the product page.


Remove Tattoo at Home
How much is Tattoo Removal Machine

Start Your Own Tattoo Removal Business

Yes, you can do it. You just need to a buy Tattoo Removal Machine and install it at your place. No specific qualification is required to run it. You just need to know how to use it and a company instructor will teach you that.

How much is Tattoo Removal Machine?

Tattoo Removal Machine will cost you anywhere between $45000 to $200,000 whereas there are many available on eBay at very cheap price (between $50 – $1000).

BEST Tattoo Removal Near You

New York

Remove Tattoo NYC
Remove Tattoo NYC

Remove Tattoo NYC: If you live in New York and looking to for removing a tattoo from your body.

Then below given is the list of few LASER Tattoo Removal places:

  1. Dermatology and Laser Group
  2. The Finery
  3. Laser and Skin Surgery Center
  4. Dr. Laser
  5. LaserAway
  6. Beauty Spa Soho
  7. TCLTR
  8. Laser Touch Aesthetics

Tattoo Removal Before and After

Below given are the few examples of how your body part will look like after getting the tattoo remove using a particular method.

Tattoo Before and After Laser Removal

Tattoo Before and After Laser Removal
Image Source:

Remove Tattoo Before and After

Tattoo Before and After Healing
Image Source:


How to Remove Tattoo at Home

Getting a tattoo is a creative way of expressing ourselves. As the tattoo business is now big, the number of people who regret getting inked has also risen. People may love the ink initially, but want to get rid of it later for whatever reasons. There are numerous procedures in the market for tattoo removal.

A lot of them are remarkably successful and others not so much. One of the popular methods of tattoo removal is the Saline tattoo removal. Here’s everything you need to know about using saline solution to get rid of the unwanted tattoos.

What is Saline tattoo removal?

Saline tattoo removal is more of a natural approach to removal of tattoos. It is less painful and less intrusive. A natural solution, called Li-FT is implanted over the existing tattoo to break up the pigment. The solution contains ingredients like sea salt, orange flower extract, Hydroxyethyl Cellulose, sterile water, Potassium Sorbate and Potassium Benzoate.

It is effective, but slower than some other tattoo removal procedures. It is safe and natural only when performed by a trained technician. It is similar to the sailbrasion that was once performed by the physicians. It is ideal for dark skin tones, sensitive skin, and for those who have allergic reactions to tattoo pigment. It is used to lighten tattoos including the ones around the eyes.

How does it work?

The very first step is similar to traditional tattooing. A technician, tattoo the saline solution into the area to be treated using a device that is very similar to an ink gun, to puncture the topmost layer of the skin to open the area. The high concentration solution in the cells surrounding the pigment and beneath it rise in the area containing concentrations of salt.

This process is called equalisation. Equalisation forces the pigment from the dermal layer upward to the epidermis, that is the foremost layer of the skin, by osmosis to equalise the concentration of salt water.

The pigment is pulled to the skin surface and heals into a scab. When the scab is shed, the pigment falls off with it, revealing a lightened tattoo. Three to four procedures are expected before the clients can see the desired results. After healing of the treated area, it can be re-tattooed.

How is this different from laser?

The laser works by a totally different mechanism. It uses a beam of monochromatic light. Each color of the tattoo needs to be targeted separately with the correct wavelength to penetrate and break up the particular color. With time, the immune system absorbs the pigment and the tattoo is lightened.

Some differences between saline and laser tattoo removal.

● with saline removal, most of the ink is lifted through the skin surface. With laser removal, all of the ink is absorbed in the body.

● Saline is color agnostic. It works on all colors, whereas laser machines emits only certain wavelengths. This means that it can only break up certain colors of pigment.

● Laser removal cannot target white ink.

● Saline treatment is cost effective in comparison to the laser tattoo removal.

● Laser damage the epidermis and dermis. Saline does no damage to the skin.

● Saline removal does not cause any injuries. Laser removal includes major risks of second and third degree burns, keloid and hair loss, hypertrophic scarring.

● Often time laser turns the tattoo to unwanted colors like red, green or orange and is not removable after that.

● Saline works for all permanent makeup, including microblading. The laser cannot remove microblading since it does not see the pigments in case of any scars.

● Laser is not suitable for dark skin colors. Saline works for all skin colors.

● Laser treatment may take up to 30 sessions and often cannot be finished due to the skin damage that is caused by the number of treatments. Saline requires less sessions and does not cause any harm to the skin.

● Saline requires 4 weeks between each session. Laser requires at least 8-12 weeks between each session.

● Laser is not safe around the eyes. Saline is safe to be used for any area.

● Laser cannot treat allergic reactions caused by the ink. Saline is a good option in such cases.

● Saline is safe and organic. Laser rays may cause cancer.

● Laser treatment is much more painful in comparison to the Saline treatment.

Who should avoid Saline treatment?

● Those who have glaucoma.

● Pregnant or lactating women.

● Those who are under 18 years of age.

● People with skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis and undiagnosed blisters or rashes on the area to be treated.

● Those diagnosed with blood conditions that are transmittable like HIV or hepatitis.

● People prone to inflammatory hypopigmentation or keloids.

● Those with active skin cancer.

● People undergoing chemotherapy.

● People with allergies to numbing agents or alcohol.

● Those with high blood pressure, healing disorders or mitral valve disorder.

● People who are hemophiliac.

Tattoo removal creams: Dangerous Myth or Pain-FREE Solution?

If you are second-guessing a tattoo, you are definitely not the only one. From aesthetic outgrows, former partner’s names to drunk tattoos gone wrong, there are multiple reasons why one would be looking for getting rid of it.

Laser is still the most popular method. Between its high cost and pain, it is not everyone’s cup of tea and it is why most people look for an easy way out, a cover-up. Another popular option is tattoo removal creams that are said to be pain-free. However, before you reach out to try a DIY and try these gimmicky products, it is important to brush up your knowledge a little.

Are these tattoo removal creams safe? Do they live up to their claims? Are they efficient? Following are the information we gathered about these products which you need to know.

Tattoo Removal Cream
Tattoo Removal Creams

What is a tattoo removal cream?

As the name implies, it is a product that claims to lighten or remove the permanent ink. They claim to use bleaching and peeling the top layer of the skin to diminish the pigment. These products have gained popularity in recent years for being pain-free and economical.

They are easily available in general stores and online retail shops. You can imagine how products with bleaching properties or claiming to remove the top skin may have severe side effects. Before trying these products, make sure you have thorough knowledge about them.

How do these products work?

Most tattoo removal creams use skin bleaching agents like hydroquinone and trichloroacetic acid. However, some claim to use natural alternatives and no harsh additives. When you apply a product containing skin lighteners and caustic acid, the skin’s top layer gradually starts peeling and the macrophages filled with the ink are released and break down into the lymphatic system.

However, the ink is injected into the dermis which is the second layer, and not the epidermis (the first layer). Since the tattoo removal creams only slough away the epidermis, most times they are not effective when it comes to removing ink. The best these creams can do is fade the tattoo away. This leaves a discolored, distorted version of the tattoo which can lead to permanent scarring.

Are these creams safe and efficient?

The short answer is, no. these creams are neither safe nor efficient. They don’t have the best health track records. Dermatologists and health professionals are strictly against the use of these “miracle creams”. There have been incidents where these products have burned customers’ skin or permanently scarred it.

Some products also contain harmful cancer-causing chemicals.

tattoo removal cream side effects
Tattoo Removal Cream Side Effects

While ingredients like trichloroacetic acid, which is one of the main ingredients in these creams, are safe to use for medical purposes but can be very dangerous if used without supervision and specifically without knowledge of its potency.

Another harmful ingredient used in these creams is phenoxyethanol hydroquinone. It is addictive that can cause cancer, damage the central nervous system, and can be harmful to unborn children.

While manufacturers claim that these creams are gentle and natural, in reality, they can damage the skin and can be highly potent. It is smarter and safer to avoid using such creams. Also, make sure not to be fooled by the claims that any of these tattoo removal creams are FDA approved. The food and Drug Administration (FDA) has never approved any such product.

Potential Side Effects

While the aforementioned chemicals are regulated by the FDA, their use in tattoo removal products is not. These chemicals can cause side effects like redness, burning, rashes, peeling, permanent discoloration or inflammation, and permanent scarring.

If you have allergies, these creams could cause symptoms that can be potentially life-threatening. These symptoms include rashes, hives, nausea, swelling, vomiting, and anaphylaxis.

Do these products work?

There is not enough evidence to say whether these creams work or not. Most times they can be very damaging not just to your skin but to your overall health.

Popular Tattoo Removal Creams

There are n number of tattoo removal creams available in the market. Following are four products that are popular and easily available.

Inkology tattoo removal cream

Inkology is one of the most popular tattoo removal products available in the market. It claims to be FDA-approved. It also claims that it does not use harmful ingredients and is all-natural, hypoallergenic, safe, and clinically proven. The product also boasts that it is suitable for everyone and that it does not contain ingredients like hydroquinone, TCA, or chromabright.

Inkology Tattoo Removal Cream
Inkology Tattoo Removal Cream

However, not all of these claims are true. There are some issues with the ingredients that are very concerning. One of the ingredients used in the formula is phenoxyethanol, which as mentioned before is known to cause side effects like damaging the nervous system. Phenoxyethanol can be especially dangerous if absorbed into the skin and that is exactly what these tattoo removal creams do, penetrate the skin.

Inkology claims that it does not use chromabright in the formula but it lists it as one of the ingredients and it is mentioned twice. While chromabright is not known for being harmful, the claims made by Inkology are deceptive.

Another deceptive trait by Inkology is that it is FDA approved. Like mentioned before, FDA has never approved a tattoo removal cream, DIY tattoo removal kits, or ointments. In fact, FDA’s official website tells you not to use such products and that they can cause burns, rashes, and scarring.

Wrecking Balm Tattoo Fade System

Wrecking Balm Tattoo Fade System
Wrecking Balm Tattoo Fade System

If you google tattoo removal creams, Wrecking Balm Tattoo Fade System appears on the top of the results. It is surprising because it has an average rating of 2.5 on Amazon. Like Inkology, this product also deceptively claims that it has an FDA-approved formula while assuring its customers that it is 100% safe and effective.

As for the ingredients used in the product, there is no informed list of ingredients listed anywhere on the internet. Even the packaging does not provide any information about the ingredients used. Several sites promoting this product claim it does not have a “specific” list of ingredients, which for a variety of reasons, is deeply troubling.

Even though there is a lot of hype around this product, it does not seem to live up to the expectations. Customer reviews claim that the microbead cleanser, which is one of the steps in the system, causes extreme discomfort. Customers also say that the cream is not painless but incredibly painful. Reviews also speak about scarring, skin irritation, and allergic reactions lasting up to two weeks.

When it comes to effectiveness, reviews claim that it does not work at all.

ThINK tattoo removal cream

ThINK Tattoo Removal Cream
ThINK Tattoo Removal Cream

ThINK was formerly known as the Lazer cream. It was earlier marketed as Lazer cream but was discontinued and eventually relaunched by renaming it thINK cream. It is marketed as 100% natural and effective and that it can diminish all old and new tattoos and all colors.

ThINK tattoo removal cream is one of the cheapest tattoo removal products available online. It is available for less than $50. However, it does not offer a one-month purchase option. The minimum supply that you have to buy is 3 months.

The manufacturer also claims the product is clinically tested but like the Wrecking balm tattoo fade system, this product also does not provide information about the ingredients contained. There is no information on the internet or the packaging which is a major red flag. There is also no information about where the product is manufactured.

Tat B Gone Tattoo removal system

This is yet again one of the most popular tattoo removal products available in the market. Tat B gone tattoo removal system is claimed to be simple, affordable, and comfortable and that it does not cause scabbing or scarring. The reviews say otherwise. Amazon reviews reveal the product has numerous side effects and that it does nothing.

This product follows in its deceptive competitors’ footsteps by not providing any information about a list of ingredients, does not contain a label, and has sketchy packaging. Customers have also said that it does not fade the tattoo instead turns the skin yellow.



Remove Tattoo at Home – It is concluded at the end that whenever you do anything, especially with your body part, a kind consideration of the threats that would originate out of your act or omission shall be kept in observance.

This would help none other than your good self. Moreover, regarding tattoo removal, an attempt has been made to collect and display before you the best methods to get rid of the same if you wish for.

Try once the methods discussed above to receive positive and true results, but the performance of the same demands sound precautions.

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