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Quit Smoking: A habit once adapted leaves you only if you either die or you change it for some other habit. Smoking is one such habit seem very common in all sorts of age groups, be it a teen that starts it in a fun way or an adult who takes it as an essential part of his way of living. Despite horrifying pictures and stories of others on a tobacco packet, people are unable to leave this life taking the habit of theirs.


Quit Smoking
Quit Smoking

In this article, you’ll be given such tips which are easy and reliable ways of quitting smoking. I have met a number of people who wish to quit smoking but are not able to, either due to their continuous habit of past 10-15 years or due to their weak will power. This one will be quite for their use and who knows, the end results are wonderful to get yourself away with this disastrous habit.




Making a mindset is a very important and necessary step in such situations. Quitting a habit is no easy task and hence it becomes very important for a person to build up his mind to take such strong decisions for himself. It will be like a constant fight between your head of not to smoke and a strong urge of your body system that will ask you to smoke. So my dear friend lets your head win here and decide in your head and heart of not surrendering yourself against your urge.


If you wish to quit smoking, leave it for now on. There’s no use or betterment if you delay in this decision. A decision taken on time will save you from many diseases. Do not keep yourself in middle situation of tomorrow and some other day. The quick and strong decision will let you motivate your own self.


If you and your friend together decide to leave this unhealthy habit, it will be amazing. Both of you can tell each other about your feelings, your urges, your strong fights against your desires. This will keep both of you motivated and going. If one finds any difficulty, the other can let him put his strength and will back to his strong decision.


It is very important for you to know and realize that not everyone around you will understand and support your this decision. And therefore, you will have to leave their company for some time period; you will have to avoid such circumstances that will lead you to smoke again.


It is but obvious that you will have the urge and desire to smoke if you’re a chain smoker. In these cases, make a substitute for your urges. When your body demands a pinch of tobacco, treat it with cardamom or caffeine. Caffeine is an excellent option for all the smokers who wish to quit smoking as caffeine is known for its high metabolism enhancing powers and hence, you will feel relaxed after a cup of black coffee.


It’s very important for you to keep faith in your own self. Do not give up. Do not make an option that is easy to adapt as it will put you back in the same pit of tar and disease. Make sure to have bright hopes for a day or weeks where you will live happily and with satisfaction without smoking.


Do involve yourself and keep your mind busy with activities that help you to keep yourself away from smoking. Adapt your childhood passion or hobby. Start investing your time in it. Soon you’ll realize that your constant need of smoking is getting faded and you’ll be able to get back your tobacco-free life.

Maybe, even if you follow all of the above-given measures and still find it difficult to quit smoking, just then, try to memorize the face of your family, your parents, your siblings or your kids. That will fill you with the complete new power and stamina to start over again on your no tobacco, no cigarette mission.

Benefits of Quitting Smoking

The basic benefits of quitting smoking are related to the body and its constituents viz. the organs and chromosomal structure. Therefore, to quit smoking is to ensure that the body is protected from any kind of hazardous disease or incurable infection.

In lieu of this, an attempt has been made to list down the benefits of quitting smoking which are as follows:

  • The addiction, which our brain is habitual of is reduced and gradually vanishing point is noticed after a few weeks of its existence. The nicotine particles in smoking prevent the brain from getting de-addicted.
  • Related to the auditory function, hearing loss can be prevented by quitting smoking and as a consequence sharp hearing is promoted which accounts for the maximum aid to the body rhythm.
  • With regard to the optic sense, the vision is also enhanced by saying ‘NO’ to smoking. It allows the rods and cones to co-ordinate in a smooth manner.
  • The mouth remains clean and fresh breath can be stimulated through the respiratory tract, which helps in safe keeping of the lungs.
  • The skin cells also receive proper nourishment and show adequate clearness and glow in their real sense.
  • Blood circulation and pumping process performed by the heart is regulated properly in the absence of smoking. Negligible interference in the normal body function is achieved through abandonment of smoking.
  • In respect of the chromosomal structure and the DNA, the risk of getting cancer via damaged DNA cells and the further inheritance of the defect is prevented via quitting smoking.
  • Sexual health is also improved prominently in men as the risk of erectile dysfunction is lowered down extravagantly.
  • Sexual health of women is affected as they achieve regular and proper menstrual cycles.
  • The bones and muscles are also strengthened if smoking is quit.

All the best fellas for your new tobacco-free life.

Author: Pratima Singh

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