How to Improve Digestion System Naturally

How to Improve Digestion Naturally: What you eat is not that important than what you assimilate and what you assimilate depends upon what you digest. Proper digestion causes proper assimilation and further proper assimilation ensures delivery of proper nutrients to the cells, tissues and organs of the body.

How to Improve Digestion Naturally
How to Improve Digestion Naturally

Therefore, to allow proper digestion, there are certain points which need to be remembered while consuming eatables. The form and nature of eatables determine the future of assimilation when they are to undergo the process of digestion while passing through digestive tract.

          Today, we bring to you certain valuable key units which would assist you in maintaining proper digestion of whatever you consume and moreover, suggestive note as to the quality and quantity of food that is the most required to be adhered to would also be expressly noted in the following stanzas.

How To Improve Digestion Naturally

Hence, let us proceed with today’s discussion. So, there is a list of ways to improve digestion in a natural way and it is as follows:

  • Avoid consumption of unreal food

Consumption of food with saturated fats, bad carbs, etc. proves to be a threat to the digestive system. Interference with the normal course of digestion is the result of food additives and synthetic preservatives.

Trans-fats are found to be the most harmful ingredients which disturb the digestion process manifold. They cause ulcers in the digestive tract. Artificial sweeteners are also found to be against digestion mechanism.

Gut bacteria increase in number in artificial sweeteners. You must prohibit the consumption of processed foods to protect your digestive system.

  • Consume as much fiber as you can

Fiber helps in maintaining the digestive tract in two ways. Firstly, it absorbs most of the water and aids in increasing bulk of the stool and facilitates easy passing out of the faeces.

Secondly, it also performs the function of toothbrush and ensures movement of food particles throughout the tract smoothly. Raw vegetables, grains, legumes, etc. can be considered as a rich source of fiber. Hemorrhoids, ulcers, etc. are found to be scared of fiber.

  • Your diet should contain healthy fats

Healthy fats are believed to add the most beneficial fatty acids to the diet which are easily digestible in nature. These are found in abundance in nuts, salmon, chia seeds, etc.

Mainly, the omega-3-fatty acids are found in these foods and are experimented to be the best suited for proper functioning of the digestive system of one’s body. They prevent the causation of ulcers in the tract.

How to Improve Digestion System
How to Improve Digestion System
  • Hydration is must

Water is found in high percentage in human body. It is the most essential element required for maintaining proper metabolism in human body. Water constitutes for the physical, physiological and anatomical structure of the body.

Consumption of high quantity of water daily reduces the chances of constipation. Low content of water in the body cells leads to the occurrence of constipation because bowel movement is slowed down in the absence of water.

Therefore, proper physical digestive process-cum-food movement is enhances only with the help of adequate quantity of water in the body i.e. at least 5-6 litres per day.

  • Stress management

Stress is found to be a psychological factor which affects the digestive system manifold. In case of stress, the supply of blood is diverted from digestive system towards the nervous system.

Therefore, digestion process is hampered. Moreover, in case of stress, the body thinks that now it is in a state of disturbance because of which it cannot eat or sleep properly.

Therefore, the stress hormones add to the generation of a situation that digestion is not needed to be performed now. For this, meditation, yoga, etc. practices are recommended to be performed.

  • Enough chewingis demanded

Chewing basically breaks down the food in mouth itself. This further facilitates and allows the stomach to put in less labour in breaking down the food further. Partial digestion of carbohydrates and fats in the mouth itself reduces stress over the stomach.

It also enhances easy passage of food through the digestive tract. This is due to the presence of saliva in the food. Saliva acts as a promoter and solvent in the stomach to promote easy digestion of the food there.

  • Perform partial movement of the body

Regular exercise assists the body in regulating the digestion mechanism in a proper and coordinated manner. Moreover, through exercise, the body gains power as the nerves and blood vessels are contracted and relaxed as per the physical movement of the body.

Therefore, a mild walk after meal is also a catalyst in enhancing digestion. Hence, cycling and swimming early morning is also a boosting agent for proper digestion for whole day long.

  • Eat at proper time

Setting a particular time for having your meals is also an adjoining factor in deciding perfect digestion success. Thus, it must be kept in notice that eating at wrong time or anytime not in correspondence with the actual timings of meal causes irregularity in digestion.

Hence, overeating and that too at wrong time may make the stomach heavy enough and unable to support proper digestion. Therefore, controlling is the most required essential in digestion.

  • Avoid consumption of alcohol

Alcohol, consumed on regular basis and that too in larger quantity, causes ulcers in the digestive tract. Moreover, it also promotes the formation of acid in the stomach and causes acid reflux which disturbs digestion heavily.

  • Say ‘NO’ to smoking

Smoking also causes acid reflux. It enhances the formation of ulcers and also disturbs the normal course of digestion drastically. It interferes with the reactions of acids and the food particles in the stomach which further disintegrates the digestive system with a longer term scope.


          It shall be concluded in the closing stanza that to produce or gain something, you need to invest something. Therefore, in terms of health, it shall be noted that to maintain a good health, you need to invest viz. control and act consciously over what you consume that gets incorporated into your body.

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Author: Abhishek Kumar

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