Get Rid Of Stuffy Nose Instantly

Get Rid Of Stuffy Nose


how to get rid of stuffy noseGet Rid of Stuffy Nose:  Headaches, no taste in food, little embarrassment while you’re in public and then, constant irritation while trying to breathe in through nose…, these are some of the common and regular issues with the person who’s dealing with a stuffy nose and severe cold. With the onset of winters, this is one of the major problems that people go through during the season

In this article, we will help you in knowing of factors that can give you relief instantly in cleaning your stuffy nose.

A stuffy nose is not only nauseating but also makes you lazy and weak to perform your daily routine. But here are some solutions that can get you rid of your stuffy nose instantly.


  • Spicy food

Eating spicy food lets you get a little ease in cleaning your nose as the chilly in the food will help in clearing the sinuses instantly. Though it is not a long tern solution as the effects doesn’t lasts very long but to make it more effective and helpful you can add ingredients like onions and garlic in your food. Elements like hot pepper including Serrano and jalapenos and raw like wasabi can also be used for convenient and easy relief.


  • Massaging the sinuses

Sinuses are the organs that are right next to your nasal septum. It is seen that a lot of mucus develop here so a little circular massage on the sides of the septums can bring in a lot of difference and aid to you. For doing it, you will have to place your index and middle finger on the nose, right below the area of your eye sockets and massage in a circular outward motion. This eases the blockages within your nose and there is an immediate release of mucus out of the nose. The massage of 20-30 seconds is recommended. This trick helps in lowering of the headaches too.


  • Controlling of breathing

Ever tried the trick of holding in the breath and trying to let it out through your ears in order to unblock the pressure developed within the ears? This one is similar to controlling of your breathing as here all you have to do is to inhale deeply through nose and hold it for while. Try releasing out some air through nose while walking around till the point it starts to feel uncomfortable. Now leave the nose and breathe normally. You’ll soon realize that this step has led into the opening of your airways.


  • Using medical or homemade saline solutions

There are many nose solutions available at the pharmacies that help in clearing of the air ways and getting rid of the stuffy nose. Though the saline solutions made at home are also equally effective therefore both can be preferred. To make a solution at home, you will have to boil some water and add salt to it. Let it cool for a while. And then pour this solution in your nose with the help of a syringe. This works as a solvent and immediately dissolves the mucus and let it flow out through your nose.


  • Hot shower

Sounds strange, but yes it’s very true that hot shower works wonder in providing relief in the blocked nasal passages. Water vapors help in easing down the blockages and helps in giving you deep breathe that you desperately need.

Do not worry about worsening of your condition due to this shower as all you have to make sure that you thoroughly dry yourself up and do not leave your hair or chest wet.


All these solutions are not only easy to follow but also give in the best results that are not even expected.

Though, we pray that no one has to go through severe cold in the coming winters still, if anyone catches a cold, do not forget to tell them to use these remedies.

With a wish and prayer for everyone’s good health, let’s welcome the winter again.


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Author: Pratima Singh


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