High Blood Pressure: Ways to Reduce Blood Pressure

What is a High Blood Pressure ?

High Blood Pressure also known as “Hypertension“, it is a force at which the blood enters in your arteries from the heart. It is normally @ 120/80 mm Hg.

When the blood enters in the arteries with greater force, it can cause damage to its soft tissues and can also cause damage to the blood vessels.

I will not call it a disease, however, over 15% of the world population is suffering from it. And 1/3 Elder population is suffering from it in the USA. Amazingly, it does not have any pre-symptoms.

High Blood Pressure Symptoms

Blood Pressure Chart
Blood Pressure Chart

You will only realize that you are suffering from BP (Blood Pressure), when it will move over its normal level 120/80 mm Hg. Due to this silent feature it is also known as a “Silent Killer” and can cause Heart Attack, Kidney Damage and even Stroke.

When your Blood Pressure starts to raise, you will suffer from:

Headache, Pain In Chest, Pain in Ears top, Pain in your jaw (in Extreme Case).

How To Get Blood Pressure Down Fast

Below given are the few things that you can do to get rid of High Blood Pressure instantly:

1) Drink Cold Water
2) Have ATEN25 tablet

Best Way To Lower Your Blood Pressure

You can permanently get rid of Hypertension by doing the below given things:

1) Walk Daily: Take a walk almost for 45-60 mins on a regular basis.

2) Obesity: Reduce weight – Obesity is the secondary reason for HIGH BP.

3) STRESS: In 90 out of 100 cases it is found that the main reason for Hypertension is STRESS.

4) SUGAR: Eat less sugar as sugar contain carbohydrates which can be dangerous for health.

5) Quit Smoking: Smoking also increases the blood pressure.

6) Sodium: Avoid consuming items that contain high quantity of sodium such as: Pizza, Soup,
Breads, Sandwiches etc.

7) Potassium: Eating products with high potassium is another way to reduce the sodium
presence in our body. High Potassium products are: Banana, Tuna, Nuts etc.

8) Alcohol: Reduce the consumption of alcohol for better BP.

9) Meditation: Meditation will help your body to relax and will lower down your heart beats
as well as the blood pressure.

10) Other Stuff: Other products that you can eat to lower your blood pressure are:
Onion, Garlic, Watermelon, Nuts, Beetroot Juice, Dark Chocolate etc.

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