ANXIETY – How To Overcome Anxiety

Anxiety Disorder :

Anxiety is a feeling or emotion which is very common in all. Be it a man of 60 or a kid of 15, anxiety can be observed in all age groups but adds to the feeling of anxiety, there are way more sides to it. Anxiety has different forms and each of its forms has its own major consequences. If not kept under a check, it can get worse with each passing day. The person himself is not able to recognize its symptoms but goes through a great discomfort and uneasiness throughout this.

In any kind of anxiety-related disorder, one’s fear or worry doesn’t leave him, neither does it get better with time. Contrarily, it also starts affecting one’s personal relationships, or one’s daily life routines.

Although all anxiety related disorders feature worry, nervousness or fear that is ongoing, excessive and has negative effects on a person’s ability to function. For instance, in order to avoid meeting new people, if a person stops going out of his home, or stops taking any unknown number call, or doesn’t party or hangout is not a disease out of anxiety, but if the person completely dis-socializes himself, then it will be said as an anxiety-related disorder .

There are many anxiety-related disorders, and they are divided into three main categories:

Anxiety Disorders

Obsessive-compulsive and related disorders

Trauma- and stressor-related disorders

How To Overcome Anxiety :
Anxiety Treatment:


To get better, one must get over his worries. According to a number of psychological treatments, it has been observed that people have got better with cognitive behavioural therapy.

It produces a long term lasting results. It appears that the following components of treatment are most important:

An approach where people are taught skills to manage their anxiety, as well as taking responsibility for change and control over their thoughts, feelings, and behaviour.
Actively identifying and challenging worrying thoughts.

Relaxation training (usually a form of progressive muscle relaxation) to control physical tension.


How To Overcome Anxiety
How To Overcome Anxiety

It has been seen and observed that be it of any age group, a person suffering from anxiety disorders can get maximum, fast and best relief through meditations and yoga. Bringing in peace and calm to oneself can stabilize the person both from his head and heart and thus, a person finds it very easy to overpower his feeling of nervousness or anxiety.


The first thing that goes out of the track when a person deals with anxiety traumas is his diet and sleep. Unable to take proper sleep and with the unease of consuming a normal diet, one must make sure to take care of both the things. Doing regular exercises will let the person having a good sleep due to tiredness and will also help in increasing his food consumption. The diversion of the head’s thoughts will also become easier due to the person’s new healthy routine.


Lastly, I believe, the way home cures a person in any problem nothing else does. It is very important for an anxiety patient to get a comfortable, peaceful atmosphere. And home serves this reason, as best. Friends and family let one heal very easily as they make sure to keep the person away from both negativity and ill thoughts.

I will conclude by saying that a person suffering from anxiety needs no heavy medication, but just a little time and care can bring wonders to his health.

Author: Pratima Singh

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