WP Speedy Links Review – BEST WordPress Plugin Ever

Wp Speedy Links WordPress Plugin is developed by the world 2 most famous WordPress plugins developers: Mr. Dan Nicholson and Mr. John Thornhill.

During an interview with John Thornhill, he cleared it that WP Speedy Links WordPress Plugin will definitely work for both new and existing WordPress sites with higher or less traffic.

Wpspeedylinks.com Review

So what WP Speedy Links do ?

WordPress Speedy Links works on automation and it enables you to monetize your website with any affiliate program and you can use it to create interlinking easily. And as we know even interlinking plays an important role in SEO.

So how do it works?

It is very easy to use. After installing and activate this WordPress plugin you just need to click on.

Enter a KEYWORD and a URL which you want to hyperlink on that keyword. Means you create an Anchor text.


Keyword: Make Money Online
URL: https://google.com

Now the PLUGIN will automatically hyperlink the “Make Money Online” keyword with the “https://google.com” url all over the website.

WPSpeedyLinks.com Review + DEMO: Video

Wpspeedylinks.com Review

More Information about:

Official Website: WPSpeedyLinks.com

Vendor: John Thornhill
Product Name: WP Speedy Links
Launch Date: 17th Sept. 2019
Price: $10.00
Promotion Network: Clickbank
Niche: WordPress

My Personal Opinion:

I will prefer to use it more for website internal linking for better SEO inspite of with affiliate marketing thing.

Is it worth to invest in it?

I really won’t mind investing $10 for such an easy to use WordPress plugin. But with the names associated with this product: Mr. Dan Nicholson and Mr. John Thornhill it more like an ordinary approach from their end. This plugin looks like just a filler in their portfolio.

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WPSpeedLinks.com Review

Wp speedy links Review