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Ultimate Traffic Monster ReviewNaidy Phoon is a regular guy from Malaysia and is the creator of UTM series. He dropped from college at 19 and started out with sniper sites. The ability to consistently drive massive amounts of targeted traffic in a short period of time to a website/offer has led the creator to come up with the UTM series of products.

The concept of free traffic is a very exciting source towards UTM as there is considerably a low barrier to entry into the online market, there is a limited scale as regards the number of visitors via online groups, being completely predicated on the visitor’s time which is limited and one is unable to control the traffic coming in. Ultimate Traffic Monster

Coming to the paid traffic, there is a high barrier to entry, it owns an unlimited scale as a high number of audience visits, one may get detached from one’s time and the traffic is completely in control. With respect to the free traffic, it is said that free traffic is not free because one is spending one’s time which is expensive and valuable than money. So, one is actually wasting time seeing the virtual benefits of free traffic.

Under the purview of online business, it can be said that most people panic after spending a few bucks when they start losing money. Basically, in the context of paid traffic, statistical significance is the likelihood that the difference in conversation rates between a given variation and the baseline is not due to random chance. Data and numbers form 100 visitors will be more accurate than that from 10 visitors. The more the better.

The winner of paid traffic is the one who can afford to spend the most amount of money on a single visitor. Not the one with the biggest budget or deepest pockets, but the one who can afford to spend the most.

Now, to know some interesting facts about traffic, it goes here that PPV Traffic is also a better means to earn a handsome amount online. It says that PPV means Pay Per View i.e. a tiny amount is paid for every view of one’s ad. When people download any software, they get ads. When they type certain words, they get specific ads. This is literally the most targeted form of cheap advertising that one can get on the internet.

The bids determine one’s win rate on the internet and these bids are won by accessing more visiting more number of times. There is no quality score or ‘snowball effect’ with PPV. Traffic volume (impressions) with PPV is purely dependent on bids.

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Talking about optimizing and pausing targets, it is suggested that the losers shall be weeded out of the target box and only winners should be kept to ensure the profitability of the entire campaign because then, all the targets will be profitable.

At the end of the targeting of campaigns, one would be left with 3 campaigns, which are as follows:

Main Campaign– To identify winning, losing and “lower bid” targets: the testing ground campaign. This campaign should be constantly expanding and contracting.

Converting Campaign– Consisting of all profitable targets: the money maker campaign. This campaign should be constantly expanding.

Lower bids campaign– Consisting of targets which bids have been lowered to be made profitable: the cash cow campaign. This campaign should be constantly expanding.

Thus it can be said at last that online access or maintaining life on internet is beneficial in monetary terms provided one comes to know about the procedural approach towards gaining the maximum results by devoting one’s precious time and mind with the fullest spirit, one such approach is the Ultimate Traffic Monster.

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Author: Abhishek Kumar
Editor: Arun Rathi

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