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Trade Command Center Reviews – (Official Website: – Numerous trading programs are being released every day that are decent. However, not all of them meet the traders’ requirements. There are countless tools and strategies that can be useful but not all of them are. There are not enough effective tools that meet traders’ expectations and requirements. Trade Command Center Forex Signals Software is one of the useful ones.

The Trade Command Centre (TCC) is a unique, beautifully designed, extremely accurate user interface. It is custom made by Tradeology. This allows you to track trade logins by sending accurate signals for the time and date of login. It caters to both new and experienced traders.


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Trade Command Center – Table of Content:

  1. About TCC
  2. Technical Analysis
  3. Dashboard
  4. For Whom

Trade Command Center Pros

  1. Performance
  2. Saves Time
  3. Available Resources
  4. Refund Guarantee

Trade Command Center Cons

  1. Signal Scam

About The Developers

  1. Adrian Jones
  2. Toshko Raychev

Make Guaranteed Profits

  1. Guaranteed Profits

Forex Trading Signals Software

  1. Forex Signals
  2. Types Forex Signals

About the Trade Command Center:

The is a new trading interface from Forex Signal. It is designed by a very capable team that includes the likes of experienced traders Adrian Jones and Toshko Raychev.

Tradeology is a brand with a solid reputation in the market. They are known for providing gold standard trading products and have been doing so for a decade now.

Tradeology was the first leading educational site about Forex trading. It aims at providing top-notch and timely resources to traders. Numerous traders from all over the world have received substantial mentoring. It helps everyone including both beginners as well as proficient traders.

The system gives the users access to a wide range of educational sources to help them. These resources are to provide insights and to help traders get better at trading. It allows the traders to gain more confidence and lead them towards a road to success.

The system was hailed as a revolution in data analysis and technology when it first appeared. Tradeology strives to grow and motivate to continue helping other traders.

What is the Tradeology Trade Command Center about?

TCC is a collaboration between World Trading Champion, which is Toshko Raychev’s prior systems, and Tradeology. It is intense training, coaching, and a signal-delivering system. It covers everything there is to know about starting trading in the foreign exchange markets worldwide.

TCC allows you to manage the winning trades correctly and to limit your losses. It also allows you to analyze the important Forex Trading signals that you can utilize while trading.

Trade Command Center REVIEW:

Trade Command Center Review


Technical Analysis

You will find the Technical Analysis under trade calls. It helps you determine the winning rate of the trade with the help of a strength meter. The lessons provided with the interface allow people to know about the necessary conditions for a trade signal.

The meter highly recommends investing in trade only if all the necessary conditions are present. If there are only seventy to eight percent conditions appear, it will just give a simple recommendation to the trader.

The Forex Signals Software Dashboard

The dashboard also comes with trading lessons. In other words, TCC does not just provide a user interface to the traders but also acts as a helpful resource center.

The creators provide useful content that can be revolutionary for traders who are just getting started. The lessons focus mainly on learning about the importance of signals and why are they are important so that learners don’t disregard them.

Who is the system for?

This system is suited for those who are seasoned traders as well as the ones wanting to start trading.  It is tested and proven profitable by diverse international trading groups.

Like most Tradeology products, TCC is also designed for all currencies.

It only requires a few hours of learning. After that, you can begin trading regardless of your foreknowledge or past Forex background.

Tradeology Trade Command Center Review
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Trade Command Center – Pros and Cons

Trade Command Center PROS


The team behind TCC and Tradeology includes known traders like Adrian Jones and Toshko Raychev. They have been a part of the trading industry for almost two decades now. Therefore, it is no surprise that every trading program and product they have introduced in the market has been a success.

Their products set a high bar for other trading programs. Every product they release sets the market trends and motivates other publishers and designers to do better.

So it should not be a surprise that TCC as a platform exceeds people’s expectations with its performance. It also outdoes its predecessors.

Saves time

TCC is a real-time-saving interface. It is designed to allow a registered trader to log in simply with the webpage or the app. This feature allows traders to pick signals and trade even while on the go.

Other than working remotely, the interface works remarkably well on a desktop too.  Overall, it saves you a lot of time.

Available resources

Tradeology is the number one educational platform for Forex traders for a reason. With TCC, traders can get valuable information on joining that helps them get better.

This educational information can be vital as it adds value to the traders’ existing knowledge and experiences. TCC equips the traders with effective strategies to help them achieve success.

Toshko Raychev and Adrian Jones curate and add resources to the platform constantly. They use their expertise in the trading field to curate strategies and share personal knowledge and tips.

Refund guarantee

The system comes with 60 days guaranteed refund. If you are not satisfied with the product or do not gain anything from it, you can apply for a refund and you will not lose a single penny.

Trade Command Center CONS

Signal scams

Numerous signal providers are lurking around on the web. Therefore, it gets difficult sometimes to differentiate between genuine signals and scams. It is a problem that the traders constantly face.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to check the authenticity of a signal even with TCC. No matter how good other TCC functions are, they cannot provide you protection against fake signals.

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About the Developers

Adrian Jones

Adrian Jones is the CEO of Tradeology. He is also the lead trader. Jones has been educating and mentoring students for over a decade. All his mentees have achieved great success.

His vision is to make Tradeology the best Forex Trading platform in the world. And it is sufficent to say that he has already achieved.

Toshko Raychev

Toshko Raychev is a well-known trader and an educator in the forex trading niche. He is a widely known foreign exchange trader, and purveyor of multiple forex trading programs, and a teacher. He is popular for his turnkey systems and a unique teaching style.. Toshko Raychev is also a Forex programs retailer. He is the lead trader for the Trade Command Centre and has helped create multiple Forex apps and software.

He started coding and trading in 2013 and rose to prominence with his first system called the Trading secret protocol. As of now, he has five foreign exchange trading systems already under his belt.

Raychev is the only individual in the world to triumph the SureFire trading Challenge thrice.

SureFire trading challenge is the most significant and the worlds biggest foreign exchange trading competition created by the South African forex trader Mark McRae.

Is it possible to Make Guaranteed Profits?

Every trader, especially the new ones, wants to know if it is possible for them to earn profit in the trading industry. Well, the answer is yes. Thanks to the TCC software, traders can see real growth in their accounts in very little time.

However, it is important to note that capital is the primary factor when it comes to Forex trading. It affects the overall trading account.

TCC signals are better for accounts that are small and where traders can go if they don’t have a lot of time to spare or invest. It is better for traders who are always on the go. It allows you to do open and close trades quickly. TCC signals are more effective for low timeframes and are highly effective.

Trade Command Center Review
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More About: Forex Trading Signals Software


Forex traders often rely on Forex trading signals to make trading decisions. They are one of the most valuable tools for a trader. These signals gives you recommendations based on different market factors and tell you, when to enter the market, whether you should buy or sell, which currency pair to trade, and how much
profit you can earn from it.

Some forex traders solely rely on the trading signal ideas, others use them for an in-depth market analysis to develop their unique strategies for every trade. These forex signals help you understand the market situations better.

These signals could be exceptionally beneficial for novice traders. It allows you to learn and earn profits simultaneously. They could also shorten your learning curve. It provides you a better picture of the trading options on which the signal is based.

It is important to note that in a dynamic and fast-paced market like Forex, trading signals are as useful as they are timely. In fact, if a trader receives it late, a signal can become unbearable. To ensure that traders get relevant signals on time, providers send them via different communication channels that are convenient to the traders, such as email, SMS, and push notifications. You can also install certain platform plugins to get forex signals delivered straight to you.

Types of Forex Signals

Broadly, forex signals can be classified into three categories.

Automated vs Manual Forex signals

Forex signals can be classified into automated and manual on the basis of how they are generated.

Automated signals generated using computer software. It analyses and tracks the market actions using coded algorithms.

On the other hand, manual signals generated using a professional or a seasoned forex trader.

Free vs paid signals

This classification is depend on the amount you pay to a service provider. Few of them require payment, while others offer signals for free.

Free signals can be limited for a certain amount of time. Paid signals providers can charge a subscription fee or a one-time payment.

Entry vs exit signals

This is based on suggestions of a trade. Some providers provide signals for entry which means to open a trade, while others signals providers provide exit signals only, which is to close a relevant trade.

This classification is mostly for long-term signals or assets. Short-term signals usually contain both levels trade signals.


The internet is a big place and you can find numerous free signals. However, there is no surety if the signals are from traders with knowledge and experience. These signals could be unreliable and you might end up without adding any significant value to your trades.

However, Trade Command Center signals come from experienced and reputable traders but they are not free. But what’s great about TCC signals is that it gives you the worth of your money. You can add significant value to your trades with access to the TCC platform. It provides you with a better success rate.

Initially, the subscription costs $499 but it offers you discounts for succeeding years.

There is tons of evidence to prove how effective the TCC signals are. It is not only great software for trading but is also super user-friendly. TCC has numerous predecessors that lasted for years. All of them were effective undeniably for gaining profits. Toshko Raychev assures the same with TCC.

The system will allow traders to grow and improve their current results. Hence, it provides traders a chance to double their earnings. This new tool has helped get great returns.

Overall, the system is worth trying. It not only provides signals and indicators to ensure your growth and your money’s worth, but it also includes exclusive training.

The system is sufficient for beginners and is an excellent resource for traders with experience.

It is highly recommended and without a doubt, this product will help a lot of traders and is going to stay in the market for many, many years.

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