The Lost Book of Remedies by Claude Davis – Review

The Lost Book of Remedies Review

“Old is Gold”

  The Lost Book Of Remedies: A beautiful and glorified phrase, in itself, contains a historical aspect of looking at things to feel their essence in the present day or to repent over their lost magic. Similar is the dimension that will be discussed in this article. An approach towards the lost American treasure has been dealt with here. Specifically, A book on the lost natural remedies for different diseases or inconsistencies faced by the human body are talked of in this review article.

Many a times the plants, weeds, trees, etc. in our yards go unrecognized of their crucial medicinal qualities. The Lost Book of Remedies reveals all such existing resources and provides for cures that prove 100% beneficial to the human body.

The summarized view of some of such remedial measures that are penned down in this book are as follows:

  • Drive Way Seed
    This weed can be very easily found in the cities of America. It is well-known for its anti-inflammatory quality. It ignites a quick healing flame in the human body. Moreover, it is considered and practically proved as the best curative of Arthritis, etc. of the times.

  • Marshmallow

The roots of this plant are inclusive of anti-viral ingredients that aid in fighting against viral infections and diseases. Some of the positively tested diseases with the ingestion of these roots are flu, herpes, hepatitis A, B and C.

  • Senega

This is another curative specialized for its reviving power, that is to say that deadly snake bites are cured with the application of a paste of its leaves. Moreover, several other health issues like that of pneumonia, lung diseases, etc. are also cured with the use of this gem. It clears lungs of its useless mucus.

The above-said remedies are found very easily in backyards of American residences. Now, the treasure found in the forests of America acting as a natural doctor, as referred to in this book, are the basic possessors of anti-infectious characteristics as these help in fighting against asthma, common cold, lung infections, etc. Other miscellaneous attributes of these jewels are that these can be eaten/ingested as a substitute for normal/regular food or during an emergency.

Lost Book of Remedies by Claude Davis

  • Sticky Burrs
Lost Book of Old Remedies
Lost Book of Old Remedies

This is not the actual name of this herb. Sometimes, while passing through the bushes, some sticky burrs get attached to the clothes, or the edges of woodland. What we normally do with them? We just separate them from the clothes and throw them away. But let us try something different this time. Just eat them. Yes, eat those sticky burrs. They act as a very good diuretic and stimulate easy blood circulation.
Furthermore, the remedies available in Prairie also account for an equitable share in “The Lost Book of Remedies”.

These can be summarized as:

  • Boneset

The best antipyretic of the times, acting as a decelerator in matters of reducing breakbone fever. It was used for treating fever, whether mild or acute, by American great grandparents.
Cowboy’s Toilet Paper

It is wonderful wound-healer. Its leaf is applied as a bandage on the wounds and injured part of the body. It treats the wounds instantly. Moreover, its leaf is also believed to act as anti-odouring agent, when kept in shoes.

  • Woolly Lamb’s Ear

In this plant, content of vitamin K is very high. So, it is helpful in treating the wounds as it stops bleeding. Vitamin K present in it reacts with the blood cells and helps in pausing bleeding. It is also beneficial in healing diabetes.

  • Cattails

The jelly-like substance of this plant is helpful in treating skin infections. All kinds of nail or foot issues are treated with success by the use of this plant. It is not edible as it possesses anesthetic properties. The gel extracted from this plant can be applied on the gums to treat toothache. Pain in a tooth vanishes within minutes of its application.

Moreover, there are many more such medicinal and edible trees in North America, which are also fantastic remedies and are used in numerous ways like as follows:

  • Leaves used as food;
  • Flowers bused as sleeping pills;
  • Sap used as medicine;
  • Inner bark used as cordage;
  • Cure for prostate, breast, colon and lung tumor.

The Lost Book Of Old Remedies

So, to know the specificity and the details of remedies available in the American territory, “The Lost Book of Remedies” shall be accessed.

The Lost Book of Old Remedies would bring joy to your family by introducing you to the depths of sea of remedies named “The Lost Book of Remedies”. Correspondingly, 60 days guarantee is also ensured as to the authenticity and credibility of this book. This reflects the, as formal, economic dimension of the source. No matter the cost of subscription, if the health of an individual is bettered in return for such a nominal sum of money.

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Ending with a slogan:
“Feel the Pleasure in This Treasure”

Author: Abhishek Kumar

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