Old School New Body Reviews – Diet Plan – Revealed

Old School New Body Reviews – Diet Plan and Workout EXPOSED

Old School New Body Reviews: This is basically to deal with the tact of looking 10 years younger than the present age. Notwithstanding the fact that human physiology is an autonomous phenomenon, there is a variety of products and methods which deals with the issue of aging at an early age.
Thus to tackle this issue, today we are here to make an attempt in the due regard. The basic symptoms of aging at an early stage are those of loosening of skin tissues, irregularities in body shape, toning, and weakening muscles, etc.

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There are some strictly specified steps that reveal the activities which must be definitely and absolutely avoided to deccelerate the process of aging, reclaim the original healthy state and achieve ideally sound body structure. These are as follows:-

Low-fat diets shall be forgotten

A very common ideology prevails in the society of today’s health conscious inhabitants that fat intake should be minimized to prolong one’s life span, which is proving to account for aging. This is said in furtherance of a scientific fact that fats do not provide any beneficial ingredient to the body rather it facilitates the accumulation of cholesterol, which blocks the nerves and causes heart attacks. But, the reality is that there are two kinds of fats, saturated and unsaturated. So, the unsaturated fats are good for health and regulate various hormonal balances in the body. Testosterone, which is believed to be the most needed hormone in male body to maintain libido is also the product generated out of the synthesis the fat components. Thus, it is hereby stated that the consumption of fat enhances the resistance of aging in human body, provided the excess of everything is bad.

Break shall be applied on running in circles

The craze of GYM is increasing day by day in the present world. It has also stimulated the practice of using treadmills and cardio to regulate cardiovascular system of the body, but a question that comes into picture here is that do these activities really account for cardio-vascular viability? The answer proceeds in negation as it is to state that regular running and doing hard exercises do not provide positive effects in stopping the aging process of human body. It is just a short-term activation program which when supplied and complemented with certain steroids and protein-laden diet, provide instant and less sustainable energy to the body.

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Blaming on how old one is shall be stopped

What one can infer from this contention stated above is that one must surround oneself around positive thinkers and avoid the company of pessimists. The belief system in human beings accounts for most of the solution building capabilities. Constant thinking over an untrue fact that one has grown fat automatically leads to obesity in one’s mind, though one is not fat. This results in the blame game of one’s mind which forces his intellect to believe that he has grown fat and shall now not be attractive enough. This promotes the phenomena of aging, which is suggested to be stopped now.

Chronic level of dehydration shall be avoided

Water content in the human body should be maintained at a certain minimal level, which acknowledges the proper functioning of body tissues in respect of metabolism, circulation, excretion, etc. To further dictate the benefits of drinking sufficient amount of water is to prohibit the chances of wrinkles, pimples, etc. which account for aging. Thus, drinking at least 12 ounces of water daily provides for glowing skin and proper shaping of the skin cells because 76% of water in the body is utilized for the nourishment of skin cells.

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Say ‘NO’ to Gym

Yes, you heard it absolutely right to stop gym practice now and switch on to the natural exercise routine. This is said in lieu of the health guide fact that gym is an artificial method of work out. It does not provide the natural essence of relaxing and strengthening of the body muscles, but expresses a man-made tool to figure out the normal body. This also facilitates the process of aging because the machines in the gym demand excess energy to be utilized while work out.


Thus, it is hereby laid that to look for strategies that would recover the effects of aging and growing old speedily, one shall enlighten one’s intellect first and think in permanence that being old is of no material and the spirit of man depicts his ability and the ability furthers the matter of age. Finally it shall also be put into words that one never grows old in one’s physical appearances but one grows old as soon as he starts believing himself to be old.

Ending with the words:

“One becomes what one thinks oneself to be,
You think you are strong, so you are;
You think you are weak, so you are.”

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Author: Abhishek Kumar
Editor: Arun Rathi