Numerology Matters: What does Numerologist Do?

Numerology Matters: The study of divinity and sense of mystic in a relationship of number scheme with any of the existing event is known to account for numerology.

Numerology Matters
Numerology Matters

The phenomenon of ideological assignment, nomenclature and delegation of numerical value to the letters or the subsequent and conjoint words is determined by the scope of numerology.

By the involvement of divinity factor, it shall be considered that paranormal element along with the astrological approach also accounts equivalently to corroborate the authentication of numerology. This is to denote that all these constituents are the pre-requisites of numerology.

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There are various names by which numerology is identified as a study of some extravagant concept. For instance, numerology is known by the title of “Secrets of the Inner Self” and “Science of Fortune”. The importance of numbers in one’s life is the prima facie cornerstone of numerology.

Any information related with any person or any object in this world can be revealed with the aid of numerology. It is also treated as a universal voice of numbers. Similar approach on equivalent grounds is adopted while dealing with numerology as it is done in case of astrology.

Therefore, if one has knowledge of astrology, so it would be easy for him to work in the field of numerology. This is because the only dissimilarity prevails in its ingredients.

Numerology basically reveals out the fact that universe is a systematic establishment and on its breaking down, we all ought to be left with certain fundamental units and those units are nothing but the numbers.

Pursuit of Meaning in the Numbers

The mere scheme adopted in the process of finding out meaning in numbers is that as the above mentioned fact of breaking down into basic units is affirmed, so the units are assigned a particular meaning by the numerologists and furthermore, in order to find out any specific meaning or relationship between any two or more persons or success rate or fate of any person, those units are connected in pursuit of reaching at an appropriate result.

Therefore, it needs skill and knowledge of almost all the numbers that have been assigned a particular meaning according to their credibility at universal platform.

To know the future planning with life partner can also be inferred out with the aid of numerology. The concept of personal numerology is also the most adopted idea by maximum population.

How does numerology actually work?

For the sake of instance and easy understanding, otherwise numerology being a very complicated process, it shall be accepted that under the purview of numerology, certain personal numbers, life path numbers, observation numbers, expression numbers, etc. are involved to carry out the efficient functioning of numerology.

Basically, it initiates the process by taking into account the date of birth of a person in concern. Then, each specific number from the date of birth is added and then some other number related with some different criteria is added into that result of the prior addition.

The episode of addition is carried forth and continued until a final single digit number is reached out of all the additions. Therefore, it is worth mentioning here that the basic ideology behind numerology is nothing but assignment of meaning to the numbers and then inferring out the best related meaning to the outcome of such additions.

Moreover, another prominent category of numerology is the “Pythagorean Numerology” which particularly deals with the domain of expression numbers. Now, in order to know the underlying principle behind the expression numbers is that it basically denotes one’s desires, skills, abilities, personal abstract feelings, emotions, etc.

Moreover, the “Soul Urge Number” and the “Personality Number” is at the same time nonetheless below the mark of appreciation in their operational aspect. They also account for a proportionate relevance in the field of numerology.

What does Numerologist Do?

Merely, the numerologists do nothing except assigning a number to one’s name, profession, business, marital status, education, etc. They assure the mental attention of the party and then further assure of happiness and success in life. But here, certain degree of vagueness seeks entrance and intervention.

This is because if analyzed practically and logically, it is not worth believing that just a mere number can bring success in life. For achieving success, hard work and smart work is the most required. It is a piece of mockery for those who blindly believe in the numbers and do nothing to achieve their object. Laziness is the real outcome and the by-product of the concept of numerology.

Therefore, to save time and money, let us presume that no number can decide anyone’s luck rather one is sent on this beautiful planet to build up his own luck by investing his valuable time and the spiritually gifted mind that is not possessed by many other creations of God.

Author: Abhishek Kumar

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