How to stop your cat from Peeing and Pooping in the house

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Wondering how to stop your cat from peeing and pooping in the house? – A cat that pees/poops in the house can make your house smell like a litter box and it can get incredibly expensive to continually clean the carpets and floor or replace the furniture. Many cat owners believe that the problem will go away with time. Others give up in frustration and are forced to give their car away. Whatever’s the reason for your cat’s inappropriate peeing and pooping, the following are some very simple remedies.

Why does your cat peeing or poop inside the house?

There are many reasons for it. Most of them are related to behavioral problems and most of them are fixable. Cat litter boxes have entirely whole psychology behind them.

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Pick the right litter box

Most of the time, the problem is based on their feelings of vulnerability. Peeing and pooping outside the litter box are connected but different and it is caused by the fact that they have to squat to poop. When cats squat, they are in a position of vulnerability. They may feel vulnerable in the type of litter box that you have chosen for them.

Make sure your cat is comfortable.

Two litter boxes for one cat

It is better to have two different litter boxes for your cat. One for peeing and one for pooping. If you have only one litter box, they have to squat over their own urine. In your cat’s instincts, its urine is an attractant to its prey. They don’t want to be in a vulnerable position where prey can grab them. Sometimes adding an extra litter box fixes the problem.

Clean the box often

You should clean the box at least 2 times a day. Some people only clean it once and some clean it once a few days. If your cat is pooping outside the box, you need to clean the box more often.

Relocate the litter box

If the litter box is located somewhere hard to find for the cat to get into, it might simply decide to pee on the floor or on the furniture instead. Likewise, if the litter box is stored somewhere your cat doesn’t like to be, they could stop using it altogether.

Try to engage with your cat

If this is happening because of stress, you could try to destress your cat by enriching the environment and engaging with it more often.

Cats spray urine to mark their territories. And they feel much safer within their marked territory by their urine. So, if notice that suddenly your cat has started urinating on your furniture, or carpet, it could be because they’re feeling stress.

Contact your veterinarian

If the simple things you are doing at home don’t work, you might wanna call your vet and get onto the more serious options to intervene and fix the problem. They will be able to test for health problems and will also advise you if you should consider any further options.

How to stop your cat from Peeing and Pooping in the house

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